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Utopia Talk / Politics / rofl justice does exists guys
The Children
Thu Sep 10 10:07:06
HAHAHA. remember that piece of white shit that blocked the door and gave the sign 2 attack some random chinese dude in HK?


Rofl. seems like he was caught.
and now on trial.

The Children
Thu Sep 10 10:10:48
refreshin ur memories.


this set up, this piece of shit ambush.

so the dude was just havin lunch and eatin something outside, bunch of rioters were in the area.

dude got a phone call so he spoke in chinese and apparently a few "journalists" like that piece of shit overheard him speakin. so they walked to him and started watchin what he was typin on his phone.

ofc dude got angry coz who the fuck does that right. haha. before u know it he was surrounded by a huge group. yellin and cursin him.

so he started walkin back 2 da bank where he works and before he culd enter da buildin, that white piece of shit, closed the door 4 him and blocked his way. ofc his camera was at the ready, ready to take any pictures of the imminent attack, which he already knew was comin, coz they signalled it.

that piece of shit was ready 2 shoot humiliatin photos of a dude gettin beaten up, havin just blocked the door.

more disturbin is how the group is organised by a leader a captain who gives the signal 2 attack.

and they all know it.

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