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Utopia Talk / Politics / Planted story? or self fufilling
Sat Sep 12 04:49:51

Basically a lady gets a postcard sent a 100 years ago. We can throw in that story about the mail truck dumping a shitload of mail too.

This one in particular seems like a planted story. However these could be regular stories that are getting more attention BECAUSE of the mail in vote issues.

It seems unlikely just pure coincidences.
large member
Sat Sep 12 04:54:24
Not uncommon. People find stuff at fleamarkets and mail them for kicks and giggles. Nothing to do with the election.
Sat Sep 12 05:00:46
Jergul , But normally would this make national news?
large member
Sat Sep 12 05:07:58
Not nationally usually (though local for sure. I googled a few years just to check). But the US postal service is trending these days.

I wonder why.
Average Ameriacn
Sat Sep 12 05:44:27
Only on democratic news stations, but not on OANN!


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