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The current time is Sat Sep 19 22:56:59 2020

Utopia Talk / Politics / Tulsi Gabbard goes full QAnon!
Sat Sep 12 06:55:15
...because she opposes the sexual exploitation of children. BOOOOOOOO!


How long do you think it will take until being opposed to pedophilia makes you far right? My money's on the summer of 2022.
Average Ameriacn
Sat Sep 12 07:17:25
Another Dem who will vote for Trump.
Sat Sep 12 07:28:16
Read the comments they can be summed up by

Biden loyalists saying how repulsed they are by Tulsi

People claiming that if it's Qannon to not support this pedo movie, they are Qannon.

And " How is this Qannon"?

You can tell the zimbie left by there undeserved hatred of Tulsi, especially with the key terms and talking points like " basket of bad ideas" and " Assad toady" but can't actually defend there hatred of her.

Here is a NYT reporter doing just that btw.

Renzo Marquez
Sat Sep 12 08:10:53
The outrage is clearly driven by Russian bots. Because pedophilia isn't offensive to the CIA/FBI and Media-Americans.
Sat Sep 12 08:28:19
Hillary- The queen of conspiracy theories...muh Russia, everyone is a russian asset, Which means she is now working with at least two Russian assets Tulsi and Bernie.
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