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The Children
Sat Sep 12 14:42:28
completely embarassed once again haha.

Israel, US vote against COVID-19 resolution overwhelmingly passed by UN: 169-2

ofc ur country wuld vote against something as simple and global coordination against virus...

why wuld any country even vote against it. lmao.
exposed yet again.

Sat Sep 12 15:09:00
The US voted against it because it included calls to expand abortion rights and "sustainable transport."

Apparently the US and Israel are the only countries in the world that don't tie murdering babies to pandemic measures.
The Children
Sat Sep 12 15:16:17
ur also the only 2 countries that voted against womens rights...

duynt even pretend ur some sort of good guy. u cant spin this.

the wanderer
Sat Sep 12 15:17:15
may the world unite & free us from tyranny

also, as we actively are working to harm the environment/planet it's their duty to do so... (& to destroy China)
Sat Sep 12 15:19:17
The US is exposed. Voting against a global coordination against covid-19. And, was it Israel who told the US how to vote? The US always vote as Israel wants in the UN. I wonder what they are trying to hide now. It is as they want the virus to spread and kill people.
Sat Sep 12 20:29:29
Does anyone else think Paramount has Nazi fatigues in his closet?
Sat Sep 12 23:29:59
"Israeli and US objections arose over a specific amendment provided by Cuba that made reference to international sanctions, which called for "the urgent removal of unjustified obstacles in order to ensure the universal, timely and equitable access to, and fair distribution of, all quality, safe, efficacious and affordable essential health technologies and products, including their components and precursors that are required in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.""
Sun Sep 13 01:17:36
So, the US and Israel wants to harm the people of Cuba so much that they are willing to harm and possibly kill the entire world with a deadly virus because of it.
Sun Sep 13 02:15:41
Herr Paramount, Thats entirley plausible during an election year.

Now I dont know what all sanctions that includes though on who.

Back to Cuba, Fla is a swing state, loaded with Cubans. Floridian Cubans hate Cuba almost as much as you hate Juden. That's why ot was so controversial about Bernie Sanders talking about Cuba. Oddly enough the Cuban Floridians are one of the most important groups in potus politics.
Sun Sep 13 14:00:18
The amendment the Cubans attached goes beyond just Cuba. It would also affect the sanctions on Iran and other countries.
Every country should have access to a vaccine once one is developed but Cuba and a couple of other countries did the same thing Democrats are doing with the relief bill. They are attaching all kinds of unrelated shit to it.
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