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Utopia Talk / Politics / Let the shit show begin
Sat Sep 12 23:29:49
This won't be the last episode of bad behaviour over politics.


Basically two Biden supporters ( 20/21) stole a MAGA hat from a 7 year old. They are being charged with a hate crime.
Sat Sep 12 23:32:32
Normally Id say hate crime seems ridiculous, but a 7 year old?! still seems harsh to put on a 20 yr old record for life though.
Sun Sep 13 00:58:38
I don't like the hate crime designation for crimes. Plenty of other ways exist to charge different levels of crime.
That said if we are going to apply hate crime to certain acts I would say the designation definitely fits in this situation. Their act fits the very definition of hate crime.

If people see they are going to face serious charges for this kind of behavior maybe it not be quite so prevalent.
Mon Sep 14 19:20:56
Hahaha, pun intended with the title.


This is more of a YouTube wanting attention but here is a guy shitting on Nancy Pelosi's driveway.

Which is really fucked up, I mean I really hope he gets more than a slap on the wrist for that. You dont shit on someone's driveway, pure savage. What if her grandkids were over?
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