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Utopia Talk / Politics / So much wrong in two mins
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Tue Sep 15 01:58:18
I know its Racheal Maddow but the quotes are disturbing.

Cherub Cow
Tue Sep 15 04:48:16
Racheal Maddow quoting "Princess Bride" reminds me of that scene in "Legend" when goblins kill the unicorn:
(something good wielded by horrors)

Michael Caputo may be a crazy [Qanon?] idiot, but he's partially correct about the DNC [and GOP] being willing to sacrifice peoples' lives in the pre-election polarization strategy. Regardless of which party wins, coronavirus measures will be taken more seriously after the election. Each side is pretty amped to take credit for it in the next term.
Anarchist Prime
Tue Sep 15 08:11:23
she didn't mention russia or putin even once.
they got to her!
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