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Utopia Talk / Politics / just a few more weeks
sam adams
Tue Sep 15 21:24:43
Right seb?


The U.K. government warned that coronavirus tests could soon be further restricted as laboratories struggle to cope with rising demand, in a blow to businesses seeking to get more workers back to the office.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said on Tuesday he would “not shirk from decisions about prioritization” and resources would be focused on hospitals and care homes -- a comment that suggests community testing will be reduced if demand continues to grow. The minister said he believed the problems in the system would take “a matter of weeks” to resolve.

U.K. Races to Fix Struggling Covid Test System as Cases Rise
Tue Sep 15 21:47:56
Goddamn... Its crazy to think a country fucked up COVID response more than the US, but there it is.

By the way Seb, 7 day rolling average of new cases here is like 400 now. Still no lockdown.
sam adams
Wed Sep 16 09:07:41
Lol imagine thinking a people as incompetent as the UK could manage this in such a controlled, precise way.

Should have recognized as stayed somewhat open like the rest of us.
sam adams
Wed Sep 16 13:51:21
Lol seb we see you posting elsewhere while hiding from these threads.
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