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Utopia Talk / Politics / virologist doctor steve bannon
The Children
Wed Sep 16 00:48:50
hahaha u cant make this shit up. so now we know where and who da sources were who claimed the virus came from a lab inside china.

it was all made up by renowned virologist doctor steve bannon himself!

so early may when american claimed they had this "ultimate proof"? was it also from steve bannon?

the house of cards r tumblin though coz da story gets even better.

bannon was recently arrested by postal officers no less. and get this. he was on a fancy big boat owned by a rich chinese dissident, the same piece of shit that was sought after by china for pyramid schemes and usa said "nah cant be" but now are also after him for pyramid and other financial schemes....

lmao did karma arrive early this year?

and now this yan woman who they all r claimin has ultimate proof, is also linked with them.

the land of the fuckin nutcases.


The Children
Wed Sep 16 01:10:34
land of the frikkin nutcases, home of the crazies!

he mustve been watchin 2 many xfiles and 2 many american history x ses.

gone batshit crazy. BAAAATTTTTshit.
The Children
Wed Sep 16 01:29:32
where all u lunatics at. the rugiots and the hababies.

whazzup. did BAT got ur tongue.
the wanderer
Wed Sep 16 01:44:52
Trump people like doing actual hoaxes

Giuliani is working w/ Russian agents to spread misinformation on Biden

Caputo claiming CDC is full of deep staters trying to keep Americans sick until election over

Jacob Wohl just staged an FBI raid to promote a probable Gen Mattis hoax... he's also known for paying women to claim they were sexually assaulted by Mueller, Buttigieg, & Fauci

such quality people orbit Trump
Wed Sep 16 02:12:01
Jacob Wohl (born December 12, 1997) is an American far-right conspiracy theorist, fraudster, and internet troll.[17]

Wohl has been involved, along with conservative lobbyist and conspiracy theorist Jack Burkman, in multiple plots that attempted to frame public figures for fictitious sexual assaults, including in October 2018 against U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller, in April 2019 against 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, and in April 2020 against White House Coronavirus Task Force member Anthony Fauci.[16][18][19]

Wohl has created and promulgated other false or unfounded claims and conspiracy theories, mainly against Democratic Party politicians such as Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Ilhan Omar, and Elizabeth Warren.[4][5][20][21][22]

To aid his schemes, Wohl has created multiple fake private intelligence agencies, and has fabricated death threats and protests against himself.

Family and personal life
Wohl is Jewish,[97] and describes himself as a Zionist.

More: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacob_Wohl

Why am I not surprised? And why isn't he in jail? And why isn't the FBI and the CIA investigating the Trump's admins connection to Israel? Is it because they too have been infiltrated by Zionists?
Wed Sep 16 03:16:19

Chinese biologist claims.
The Children
Wed Sep 16 09:20:09
u fuckin idiot did u even read da link.

ur so called "biologist" IS THE one being implicated with bannon and guo, u fuckin idiot.

they made the whole thing up.
butbutbut fauxnews media. faux news said...

tucker said...

fuck all u idiots.
u been had, she doing this 4 a greencard.
The Children
Wed Sep 16 09:24:44
her twitter been taken down 4 spreadin fake.

lmao get owned some more.
Wed Sep 16 10:22:41
Omg, Im not always* at odds with you. I was merely posting the article your article was rebutting. Like an FYI.
Wed Sep 16 23:38:39
How come as I get older the more I agree with The Children
Thu Sep 17 03:54:52
Huffing fumes?
smart dude
Thu Sep 17 04:39:03
"How come as I get older the more I agree with The Children"

Blind squirrels and broken clocks. Also he's just a troll.
The Children
Thu Sep 17 05:36:46
oreally, u fuckin idiot.

twitter bans yan account on grounds of false news
facebook bans yan account on grounds of false news.

ur entire country is false news.

land of the crazies, bitch.

u have nutcases runnin around.

butbutbut she said. butbutbut tucker said. butbutbut fauxnews said. butbutbut navarooo. butbutbut bannnnonn?

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