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Utopia Talk / Politics / patriot Zha destroys white scumbag
The Children
Thu Oct 08 13:38:26
look at the lies and cheats and deceits comin out of that whitey mouth.

jesus does he honestly and actually believe this bullshit that he is spewin. how brainwashed by crazy fascist propaganda is his fucked up brain.

he got fuckin owned and ripped to shreds.

fuckin liar.

Patriot Zha owned the fuck outta his lies. fuck u white liars.
how fucked up is his brain 2 actually believe u can buy a slave on taobao. like WTF?

how fucked up is his brain.

The Children
Thu Oct 08 13:38:43
Thu Oct 08 14:23:25
If someone is keeping people, including children, in cages... it is the USA. Children are even being sexually abused while in US custody. The US does not want to talk about it, they want to shift focus, so they made up the story about people in cages in China. Lol

Hundreds of children kept in cages at facility in Texas


Here’s more people that the US is forcing to live in cages:

Terror, torture and torpor: Inside Guantanamo Bay with the 'forever prisoners'


The US has a fetish for keeping people in cages, raping and torturing them. They did it in Abu Ghraib also.
Thu Oct 08 14:28:24
The US has a rape camp where children are being molested every day:

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