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Utopia Talk / Politics / RIP Roberta McCain
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Mon Oct 12 16:39:57
Shame she couldn't hang on anther month or two to witness Trump's downfall.

Mon Oct 12 16:46:02
"A native of Muskogee, Okla., Roberta Wright was nearly 21 and a college student in southern California when she eloped to Tijuana, Mexico, in January 1933 with a young sailor named John S. McCain, Jr."

Goddamn, what a slut.

(RIP...even though your son was a piece of shit)
Mon Oct 12 17:04:45
"News of Roberta McCain's death comes roughly two years after her son John died of brain cancer in 2018."

That piece of shit has been dead for two years already? LOL
renzo marQuez
Mon Oct 12 18:36:27
I'm kinda hoping Trump loses at this point just to see what he does. Giving Presidential medals to McTraitor's brain tumor would be a good start. Also, declaring himself a hole... if he identifies as such, he's the first female President.
Mon Oct 12 18:47:13
Probably start a podcast to rival The Joe Rogan experiment.

If Trump loses we get better more expensive healthcare and some black holidays/statues....Other than that the biggest change in my life is arguments on here will be a little different.

Id say we would see less Trumpin the news, but not likely.
Tue Oct 13 04:31:04
Habebe, maybe Trump will be in a new TV reality series "Orange is the new Orange"
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Fri Oct 23 13:39:02
-habebe Trump will find a way to influence Republican politics for the rest of his life.
Fri Oct 23 14:23:42
PAtom, Well considering he came right after Obama, Orange is the new black was fairly apt.

Ight, Absolutley, literally everyone has a podcast these days. Gilbert Godfrey even has one.
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