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Thu Oct 15 02:05:34
Lockdowns are for homos?


Chinese plot?

Lock this shit down for godness (yes god, not good) sake?

CDC coup?


Just the flu?

Masks don’t work?

Masks work?

All of the above?

__________(fill in the blank)

And if river of blood can’t make it someone please respond for him
large member
Thu Oct 15 02:21:50
Water, carrots, clean hands, a meter and a mask is all you need.

Thu Oct 15 02:22:03
He is alive.
The Children
Thu Oct 15 03:16:45


The Children
Thu Oct 15 03:22:25


Thu Oct 15 11:23:46
hi jergul, habebe, and that little child crying for attention. gotta say these takes aren't spicy enough for me.
Thu Oct 15 11:42:46
I think this board is covided out. I think we had 25 threads on this

I wouldnt be surprised if China had secretly been vaccinating its population before releasing it. It sounds like something they would do and would make sense why it didnt spread very far in China he lockdowns were merely wagging the dog.

Thu Oct 15 11:45:41
Masks/social distancing requirements are a plot by the global elitists to turn ordinary people into modern-day court jesters, objects to be laughed at and humiliated for their sick amusement.

the wanderer
Thu Oct 15 12:11:01
what we got is a rudderless shitshow

a leader w/ no plan, & not planning to have a plan

pinning everything on vaccines that he's lying about arrival dates on (& will just blame FDA for him being wrong even though no one has ever agreed w/ his timelines)

and of course as cases rise, he says they're going down & it's going away... as he's said at every point in time...

a random swap w/ any leader in the world would likely be a large improvement
Thu Oct 15 12:33:06
Tw, What is the evidence though that say Biden would have done any better? Because he would promote masks eventually more? He also attacked closing the country.
the wanderer
Thu Oct 15 13:42:34
"Because he would promote masks eventually more?"

yes... that alone is enough... and not attacking masks... and not continually lying (& i -do- mean continually, like -every- time) about how much it is spreading, about it 'going away', about treatments, about vaccines... & not setting bad examples w/ wanting packed rallies & not only not requiring masks, never encouraging (in fact discouraging/mocking) masks

also, virus briefings would still be happening (if we were doing as shitty as we are currently anyway), & NOT with the fucking moron/liar heading it (or crazily being the only one there)

and his sole advisor would not be a radiologist found on Fox News who was saying what he wanted to hear

Trump's involvement has been completely ridiculous across the board

& as to "closing the country", i assume you are referring to the limited China ban that he touts every single time to defend his efforts... well, there's a theory that could have actually made it worse as caused everyone to flee back home (40,000 american citizens returned)... plus ALL it ever -could- have done was buy time, & if you look back (without the revisionist history) Trump/Fox totally downplayed it all the way til his grim oval office address packed w/ errors in mid-March

Bill Gates talking about that^
(although many Trumpers believe Bill Gates created the virus & wants to implant tracking devices w/ the vaccine & whatever other nonsense)
the wanderer
Thu Oct 15 14:05:52
"Trump's claim this afternoon that the pandemic is "ending anyway" even without a vaccine, and that "it's going to peter out," is at least the 38th time since February he has baselessly said it is going to vanish, disappear, go away."
~ Daniel Dale (meticulous fact-checker)

w/ Biden (or virtually any adult) that claim would've been made 0 times... not at least 38 times (& being made since Feb...)

oh hey, here's a clip of Trump today saying CDC reports 85% of people who wear masks catch the virus (& other questioning of masks)
do you think that's actually what the CDC report said?

so fucking ridiculous
Thu Oct 15 15:47:29
makes sense habebe & thx Rugian-- it was a bit on the nose but closer to my expectations
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