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Utopia Talk / Politics / Anyone buying this b.s.?
Sat Oct 17 14:03:15

This is clearly a political counter. Obviously some things are accurate.

Listen, this isn't rocket science.

1.Practice healthy behaviours like excersize, I outside, take a multi vitamin.

2. Sterilize things like public rails. See SKs response..

3.Be specific and clear about the benefits and limitations of masks. N95 masks probably work better than a piece od cloth which is likley a feel good thing.

4. If your at high risk limit exposure. If your.young and healthy go about your normal life and stay away high risk folks.

Simple shit.
the wanderer
Sat Oct 17 14:46:45
for the record, OANN is pure garbage

i listened for a few seconds, i have no confidence any of them are real doctors

resembles that grouping with the demon sperm lady
Sat Oct 17 14:59:28
OAN aside, this is a stunt being done on the SC steps.... Possibly to take some eyes off of the ACB vote attacks... And reaffirm Trumps following science.... But its a clear political ploy.
Average Ameriacn
Sat Oct 17 16:57:24
The point is that you must wear an American made mask, the Chinese ones fail in all tests.
The Children
Sun Oct 18 01:42:27
like horrieble horrible?

lmao u bullshittin, kid. chinese masks are da best in da world.

this is how u and ur kin make them.


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