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Utopia Talk / Politics / them facist nazis r cunning
The Children
Sun Oct 18 02:27:47
they have infiltrated every level of society in order 2 disrupt and sew hatred. da order been given and they r runnin a rampant campaign of hatred and lies.


literally paid 2 lie.

Sun Oct 18 02:36:04
The Globe and Mail
15 okt.
Chinese envoy says Canada’s acceptance of Hong Kong refugees jeopardizes Canadians in Hong Kong

Emily Rauhala
Oct 15, 2020
Alt headline: Chinese ambassador to Canada threatens “health and safety” of Canadians in Hong Kong

Chinese ambassador:


In english:
If Canada really cares about the stability and prosperity of Hong Kong, and the good health and safety of the 300,000 Canadian passport holders and many Canadian companies operating in Hong Kong, you should support the Chinese authorities in fighting violent crimes.
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