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Utopia Talk / Politics / Trump will win
Sun Oct 18 14:42:24
Spoiler alert

Let me explain a couple of things

Trump will win all the states he won in 2016 plus Minn and Nevada.

The American people have rejected Sleepy Joe since the 1980's

The AMERICAN people don't want higher taxes and more crime.

You libtards can find false comfort all you want in the polls but in the end Trump will emerge victorious.
the wanderer
Sun Oct 18 14:53:48
Trump had rallies in Iowa, Georgia & Texas... fear
Sun Oct 18 15:17:14
The American people also wants their jobs back. And their health and lives.

30-40 million jobs or more has been lost on Trump’s watch.

Hundreds of thousands of people have died because of Trump’s incompetence and ignorance.

Sun Oct 18 15:19:23
Trump is also saying that there is an election fraud going on. So if he wins it will be because of fraud and cheating.

”We cheat, we lie, we steal!” – Mike Pompeo
Sun Oct 18 15:20:41
Good point Trump is gonna out work Biden.

Trump is having 3 to 4 rallies a day while Biden has BINGO night in a Delaware basement.

Yes I'll admit Biden will win Delaware because of the strong showing in his basement.
Sun Oct 18 15:21:35
My last post was to TW.
Sun Oct 18 15:41:00
Paramount, I want that on a flag, pwrhaps with a pirate bones image.
Sun Oct 18 15:44:39
Superdude, thank you for injecting some common sense into this leftwing manifest of a board.

Get fucked commies. REAL Americans are going to be voting be November 3, and they wont be voting for the people who have destroyed our cities and seek to tear up our Constitution. MAGA 2020!!!!
Average Ameriacn
Sun Oct 18 15:53:51
Victory dance!!!!!!

Sun Oct 18 16:16:29

Helping my dad hang his flag up today.

Trump as Rambo
Sun Oct 18 16:42:33
I guess this summarize republicans and Rugian pretty well? They basically vote for anyone. A clown, a pony. It doesn’t matter.

From Swedish SVT (translated by Google):

Two years ago, SVT's foreign reporter Carina Bergfeldt visited a manufacturing plant in South Dakota. Then, as now, the company's economy flourishes. And according to a new poll, 88 percent of Republicans vote because of the economy alone.

Ted Pettyjohn, the company's CEO, is critical of Donald Trump as a person, but still chooses to vote for him in the upcoming election.

- It is more about the party's politics than him as a person, he says.

Two years ago, Ted Pettyjohn said he thought Donald Trump was a narcissistic clown, but that he would even vote for a Shetland pony on the top Republican list.

When Carina Bergfeldt today asks what the answer would be if it was between Trump and the pony, he is clear:

- I think I would vote for the pony.
Sun Oct 18 16:47:01
Paramount, Its an odd electiin where the majority of voters will vote soley to makensure the other guy doesnt get in.
large member
Sun Oct 18 16:49:25
I am looking forward to discussions on if criminal indictments are politically motivated or not and if Trump's self-pardon is relevant to the various indictments he is facing.
Sun Oct 18 16:56:07
I'm looking forward to libtards crying their eyes out.
Sun Oct 18 17:53:56
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