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Utopia Talk / Politics / Sisi holds a Gay Pride Parade in Egypt
Mon Oct 19 14:43:39
Is Sisi trying to turn Egypt into a liberal dictatorhip like Saudi Arabia is?

If Egypt can arrange Gay Pride Parades then I guess Mohammed in Arabia will arrange one too soon?

Im better then you
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Mon Oct 19 15:29:34
No he's trying to piss off the religious nutjobs in his country.
Tue Oct 20 09:52:58
Saudi Arabia is a "liberal dictatorship"?
Tue Oct 20 10:01:51
"Saudi Arabia is a "liberal dictatorship"?"

They let their women drive cars now. In five years they'll be decorating the Great Mosque of Mecca with rainbow flags.
Tue Oct 20 14:18:36
People forget that Saudi power is a deal brokered between the Royals and Wahabi Clerica. The Royals are more liberal than the Clerics obviously.Perhaps this is what was meant.
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