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Utopia Talk / Politics / this is how man, the first monkeys
The Children
Tue Oct 20 12:54:07
started walkin upright, my bitches. word


my eyes have been opened. we was told man just started walkin straight. yea right like how. how so. why. he didnt walk straight by design. we was walkin straight by pure freak accident.

sometime in da history, da first monkeys started showin up with da front arms paralyzed.

so we determined bastards somehow taught ourselves 2 walk on back feet and by some freak miracle we outsurvive da other monkeys who didnt. our genes got passed. and more and more monkeys walked on back legs and look our front arms arent paralyzed no more. no more.

fast forward hundred thousands years, da first bald monkey walkin upright was a fact.

Tue Oct 20 22:49:15
So it seems you know even less about evolutionary biology than you do China and that is really saying something.
The Children
Wed Oct 21 12:22:48
that u somehow think this is wrong shows ur brainsize is da same as a peanut.
i betcha u believe da earth is flat 2.

Wed Oct 21 19:06:10
Going to waste a few minutes to tell your ignorant ass that while apes monkeys and humans shared a common ancestor humans did not evolve from monkeys. There was a divergence about forty million years ago. What eventually became monkeys went one way what eventually became apes and humans went another direction.
Apes and humans share a common ancestor from about 25 million years ago. That is where they split.
The ancestor all three came from probably most resembled a lemur rather than a monkey ape or human.
Now you can go back to eating Doritos and wallowing in blissful ignorance.
Wed Oct 21 19:10:27
Well, at the end of evolution we will likely all be crabs anyway,although I wouldn't fully count out squids/octopi.
Thu Oct 22 02:43:22
If The Children lived in the USA, Trump super fan proud boy for sure.
The Children
Thu Oct 22 04:36:48
kargiot, monkeys apes they all da same.
our ancestors walked upright by freak accident.
i call them monkeys. u call them apes.

we both mean da same thing.

now shuddafuck up.
Mon Oct 26 15:48:28
Bears have started to walk upright also. Maybe they think they are humans.

Mon Oct 26 16:04:57




It always ends in crab, they are the Kings of evolution.

Evolution is one big race of carcinization.


A new purple.crab climbs trees truly our eventual alien overlords will be crabs.
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