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Utopia Talk / Politics / chinese vaccin is real, best and coming
The Children
Wed Oct 21 12:31:36
da latest results show china vaccin as best of all da world. it is safe and its coming to developed and lesser developed world!!!

euro corrupts already bought millions of remsevishit that dont work. now astacrap isnt workin either. in fact, 1 person just died from this crap.

imagine just a few months ago, they was lookin 4 volunteer test subjects. i almost applied myself. for a few hundred bucks.

1 DIED!!! mothafuckers!!
so there u are, gettin a few hundred bucks and in return u get a mysterious sickness thats 100000000x worse than corona and now u dead. with corona, u prolly wuldve coughed for 2 days.


corrupt euros playin politics. if they bought russian or chinese, they wuldve been saved. but nah, had 2 wait for cheap american crap.
The Children
Wed Oct 21 12:35:51
fuck this shit.

Brazilian volunteer in Oxford AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine trial dies

A volunteer in a clinical trial for a Covid-19 vaccine made by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford has died, Reuters reports, citing Brazilian health authority Anvisa.

Oxford said there are no concerns regarding the safety of the trial and the health authority said the trial would continue.


rememba just a few months ago, they was lookin 4 volunteers here 2.

holy shit, imagine if we took that bait. like wtf.

Wed Oct 21 12:44:59
Lends more.credibility to the idea China had pre vaccinated aginst the kungflu before they unleashed it I to the world.
The Children
Wed Oct 21 13:30:29
ya and da earth is flat 2.

Wed Oct 21 13:49:42
” 1 DIED!!! mothafuckers!!”

Yeah, I’m going to stay away from that vaccine. Luckily, I’m not in a risk group (not that I’m aware of anyway) and I don’t work as a nurse so they are not gonna give the vaccine to me, not the first batch anyways. But maybe they will offer me a vaccination later.
Wed Oct 21 14:16:10
"I don’t work as a nurse "

Explain the uniforms then?
Wed Oct 21 15:07:46
What uniforms?
Wed Oct 21 15:17:46
Bad joke.
Thu Oct 22 15:19:23
They are to fucking late. Russia already has a vaccine and to prove how effective it is Putin's own daughter was vaccinated.

China loses again.
Thu Oct 22 17:39:10
Maybe putin was trying to poison her.
The Children
Fri Oct 23 01:28:34
300k people was tested with china vaccin.

not we, but u, u r too late, kid.

The Children
Fri Oct 23 02:04:11
remsshittivir just got approved as a genuine vaccin for corona....

despite every test showin it doesnt work.

so how did it still get approved.

2 lie 2 ur muricans...the level of corruption is just crazy.
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