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Utopia Talk / Politics / Disney loves Chinese women
Wed Oct 21 16:14:49
After Mulan was a flop they're going for "Raya, the last dragon"

Probably another flop.
Wed Oct 21 16:26:39
Starring Kelly Marie Tran (of TLJ fame) and a rapper named "Awkwafina" who became famous for a song called "My Vag." Fuck me.

Is it too late to nationalize companies that have clearly became slaves to the Asian market?
Wed Oct 21 16:49:21
Im actually a fan of Awkwafina, possibly the best voice actor of the dark crystal series.

Disney almost needs.to be broken up anyway, they seriously own too much content after they bought Fox and SW.
Wed Oct 21 16:57:25
“ Im actually a fan of Awkwafina, possibly the best voice actor of the dark crystal series. ”

Why do you have doubts about her being the best voice actor of the dark crystal series? Who was the completion, her best rival?
Wed Oct 21 17:03:18
Let me rephrase that, she was the best voice actress/actor on the series playing the collector.

2nd best was whoever played Chamberlain " Yeeeeeess"
Wed Oct 21 17:33:34
While were at it, things there are too damn many of...

Fast and Furious- Didnt like the first one, still don't.

Walking dead- The best zombie take I've seen. I watched up until they got to the farm. Now they're going on the 3rd Series from that.
Wed Oct 21 17:40:49
So you watched the first season, basically. Farm is pretty boring until the 2nd half of the season when shane ends up doing things.
Wed Oct 21 17:47:08
The downside of American cinema dominance + MBAs who only see revenue streams to be optimized no matter where they look. Disney only cares about entertainment as a source of revenue to be made more predictable and grown. Bunch of suits. It's just a factory that takes as input powerpoint presentations about the size of the Chinese market and outputs the finest in pandering pablum.

The movie industry feels hyper-focused on lowering the variance in returns on mega budget tentpoles. Thus the sameness and pandering. I would love to see a new player willing to take on the higher variance, medium budget projects which were the bread and butter back when American entertainment industry came to its position of dominance.
Wed Oct 21 17:55:12
Let me save you the effort of having to watch the rest of TWD:

Season 3: Ridiculously evil guy threatens the group

Season 4: Ridiculously evil guy threatens the group, this time with an eyepatch

Season 5: Cannibals, a plot with some people at a hospital, RICKTATORSHIP

Season 6: Something about Wolves? Also setting the stage for the show's next ridiculously evil guy

Season 7: Ridiculously evil guy with a baseball bat threatens the group, and Rick turns into a giant pussy

Season 8: Ridiculously evil guy wit a baseball bat continues to threaten the group

Season 9: Ridiculously evil cosplaying gal threatens the group; also Rick says bye-bye to the show

Season 10: Ridiculously evil cosplayeing gal continues to threaten the group
Wed Oct 21 18:05:30
Obaminated, Yeah, I think it was a little into season 2 but not much. Idk, never a big zombie guy. But as far as zombie flicks go it was good.

Im still rooting for a Legacy of Kain series (Vampires/wraiths and lovecraftian elder gods)
Wed Oct 21 21:44:51
With TWD I could get past the zombies and all that fun stuff but no way could I believe they were in rural Georgia and couldn't find guns and ammo.

I watched up to where the baby was born in the prison but was mostly over it before then.
Wed Oct 21 22:18:56
I still watch the show, its a fun and mindless show at this point. They were using cars waaaaay to long. That gas wouldve gone bad way sooner than they did in the show.
The Children
Thu Oct 22 04:39:06
ya man, da walkin dead turned into crapfest a long time ago.

i cant remember watchin all da shit past season 6 or 7.

allz i remember was season 1, da best one yet. short but sweet.

we kept watchin after hopin it wuld turn good. but it never did. slow, weak, its just bad.

Thu Oct 22 10:32:48
I decided to go back to.watching Raised by Wolves. That was the show I said the other day I haf a hard time keeping travk of whos who. But that was the poir timingnof an identity change surgery in season 2 that threw me.for a loop.
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