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Utopia Talk / Politics / Iran threathens USA with the Proud Boys?
Thu Oct 22 01:05:39
Iran, Russia obtained voter registration info to sow confusion in presidential election, US officials say

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said late Wednesday that voter registration information had been obtained by Iran and Russia in an attempt to undermine confidence in the 2020 election.


The emails, which purport to have been sent from "info@officialproudboys.com," say the group has the voter's contact information and would “come after” them if they didn’t vote for Trump.

Proud Boys is a far-right group that espouses militant authoritarian ideology.


Lol. ”Vote for Trump or else Proud Boys will come for you!” Why would Iran want the Zionist Trump to win the election?

Can’t it be Israel? Maybe they should investigate the Trump administration’s connection to Israel. But it is always Russia or Iran, right? It shouldn’t be too hard to make it seem that the e-mails are being sent from Iran or Russia.
Thu Oct 22 01:14:03
”We lie, we cheat, we steal.”

The e-mail are probably being sent by the Trump admin itself. It is a win-win for them.

1) Threaten Americans to vote for Trump
2) Blame Iran

A win-win for Trump, Israel and Saudi Barbaria
Thu Oct 22 01:36:11
I already made a thread about this you unoriginal swede.
Thu Oct 22 03:55:44
I think my thread is better, because I try to explain what is going on.
Thu Oct 22 08:18:34
True, things from Sweden are always better.

Women. Furniture. Shitposts.

Paramount gave us a neutral perspective to discuss.

Thu Oct 22 08:36:42
Well, I admit Sweden had superior cars. Saab and Volvo used to great cars.
Thu Oct 22 09:07:36
Did Dukhat just refer to Swedish women as "things?"

*triggering intensifies*
Thu Oct 22 09:44:13
That means dukhat needs another tour in the gula.. I mean intersectional sensitivity training.
The Children
Thu Oct 22 10:13:19
yup all these blames is purely whiteys being scared so they blame it on imaginary scary foreign powers.

lmao. them colonialist imperialists r so scared there own countries they lie cheat and steal 2 try 2 blame imaginary aliens.


The Children
Thu Oct 22 10:15:27
dunt worry it really is an iranian behind her mask.

she aint no real anglo whitey. lmao.

Thu Oct 22 11:47:53
Damn. I'll be really surprised if they show up at my house. I don't open email sent to me from people I don't know. So they will be really pissed at me for ignoring them.
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