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Utopia Talk / Politics / China virus isnt that bad in america
Thu Oct 22 18:22:22
Stats are hard to deny, seb.

the wanderer
Thu Oct 22 18:28:43
yeah... we are 8th or 9th per capita... really good, there's only like 10 countries right?

we're doing awesome
Thu Oct 22 21:21:37
Deaths from flu-like symptoms is up 3x-4x this year in America.

Of course, the Trump administration has yet to allocate the 9 billion dollars designated for Covid testing in the first stimulus because he "likes the numbers where they are" and nominated some moron he saw on Fox News to the task force who subsequently proceeded to block any increase in testing.

Mexican Tardnado will now go back to posting about irrelevant anecodtal shit about transgenders now that he's embarrassed himself discussing a real issue.
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