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Utopia Talk / Politics / social distance and masks be damned
Mon Oct 26 15:49:44
And yet we humans wonder why lemmings run off a cliff.

the wanderer
Mon Oct 26 16:38:04
“Those in positions of authority have a duty to get the message out” ~ Chris Christie

yet he won't name-check Trump... just like all the rest... none can acknowledge the #1 spreader of misinformation is Trump & that he's the one who politicized masks

the Surgeon General is constantly urging shit as if anyone listens to him :p & one tweet to some faith leaders group was "We live in an age of misinformation" & urging them to help spread factual info. Trump is the PRIMARY source of that misinformation... so ridiculously unfit...
Tue Oct 27 09:39:35
And there at the edge of the cliff stands Donald Lemming shouting over here lies the promised land. Jump for joy.
Tue Oct 27 16:59:49
Lemmings don't jump off cliffs. They were pushed off by people that worked for Mickey Mouse.
Tue Oct 27 17:36:54
Damnit, another myth. I always thought they were committing suicide. Oh well.
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