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Utopia Talk / Politics / Bill Belichick Fired!!!
Tue Oct 27 10:22:42

So how many more pathetic losses until this is an accurate headline? I have Tuesday, 11/10 after they lose to the Jets.

Of course, Belichick might jump from the top of Gillette stadium if that happens.
Tue Oct 27 10:24:20
You fucker.
Tue Oct 27 10:27:38
Belichick will not be getting fired. Kraft is loyal to a fault. He wanted to keep Brady until his arm falls off but Belichick made Kraft give him the final say after Brady's last 2-year extension which gave Brady another Super Bowl win.

Belichick can run the team into the ground over the next decade, Kraft will keep him. 6 super bowls earned it.
Wed Oct 28 11:48:20
Funny how all this time we thought Belichick was the great one and Brady was just riding his coattails. Who knew it really was the opposite?

Also thanks for trading Mookie Betts to the Dodgers, you piece of shit Massholes.
sam adams
Wed Oct 28 11:56:14
The jury is still out on brady vs belichick. 6 games of covid football is a poor sample size.

As for mookie betts... sigh. Sox management is retarded. They have the money too. Retards.
Tue Nov 10 10:21:12
So close to it actually happening. If only the Jets were not so inept. Still, a last second FG to win the game against the 0-9 Jets is pathetic.

Bill will resign/be fired at the end of the year.
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Tue Nov 10 11:28:31
Tom Landry was crappy for half a decade and the owner had to sell the team to fire him.
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