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Utopia Talk / Politics / do u see da smog. fucktards
The Children
Tue Oct 27 16:27:10

finally some dude shows u brainwashed whities da truth. remember how they brainwashed u with "da smog coverin da skies?"

look at da streets. da infrastructure da buildings da cars.

fuck yea, we are the greatest. this is reality, u dumb shits. they brainwash u daily with horror stories about china.

Ur media is a complete brainwash lying tool, it doesnt even try 2 hide its lies anymore.

fakenews. no, its fake corporate media. the entire fuckin buziness, corporation is fake.

butbutbut food is gone now. butbutbut they lied about da numbas. fuck u, wheres da mountain of humanpoop. wheres da tents of homeless.

where da angry criminals with guns muggin u in broad day light.


The Children
Tue Oct 27 16:30:08
i cannot believe i been deprived of that succes and facin these depressin times in shithole land over here.

sam adams
Tue Oct 27 17:11:56
According to beijing airport weather records, which cannot be faked for safety reasons... the sun is visible approximately 1% of the time.
Tue Oct 27 18:27:03
That could have been you TC, with your own youtube show, but you got greedy.
Tue Oct 27 18:53:39
Id pay $5/month to watch the TC show...set up a Patreon.

You can bitch about Whitey and do video game reviews, why not you do it for free on here already.
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