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Utopia Talk / Politics / Can Trump stop will of Michigan voters?
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Fri Nov 20 13:06:25
I've never even heard of such blanket naked voter fuckerary by a politician at least Nixon had goons to do this.


A delegation of Republican state lawmakers from Michigan arrived in Washington on Friday as part of President Donald Trump’s Hail Mary attempt to usurp the results of the election he lost.

Trump has baselessly cast doubt on the presidential election in Michigan, which he lost by approximately 150,000 votes, and has waged a campaign over the past two weeks to pressure Republicans in the state to back him in reversing the outcome. It is unclear how many GOP legislators will visit the White House, but the group is expected to include Michigan state Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and House Speaker Lee Chatfield. Jason Wentworth, who is succeeding Chatfield as speaker, was also spotted at the D.C. airport.

Shirkey and state Sen. Tom Barrett were met by a throng of protesters and reporters outside Reagan National Airport upon their arrival Friday. The pair passed through the airport without talking to the media. Earlier this week Shirkey told Bridge Michigan, a nonprofit news outlet, that the idea the legislature would defy the voters is "not going to happen."

It was initially unclear whether Chatfield will also be in attendance, but early in the afternoon he confirmed that he would accept the audience with the president.

"No matter the party, when you have an opportunity to meet with the President of the United States, of course you take it," he tweeted. "I won’t apologize for that. In fact, I’m honored to speak with POTUS and proud to meet with him."

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said during a Friday morning CNN interview that she received a text message from Chatfield that he had not yet committed to going to the White House,

"I know these individuals, who are people who respect the rule of law, and the rule of law is quite clear here,” Benson, a Democrat, said. “And the will of the voters is also quite clear."

The meeting comes one a day after the Trump campaign dropped its final federal lawsuit in Michigan and falsely declared victory after local election officials briefly declined to certify the results in the county that includes Detroit. Those election officials quickly relented, voting unanimously to certify the county's results.

No one from the Trump's campaign staff will be at the meeting, according to White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany — who herself has doubled as a campaign surrogate, blurring the line between the two — and she downplayed the significance of the president summoning the state legislators.

"He routinely meets with lawmakers from all across the country," McEnany said at a press briefing on Friday, her first since Oct. 1. "This is not an advocacy event."
However Rudy Giuliani, who recently took over the campaign's legal battles, told a New York City Fox affiliate Friday morning that he would be on hand at the meeting to answer any questions from Trump or the state lawmakers about the situation in Michigan "because I probably know the case better than anyone else."

"I’m there just to answer any questions they have," he said on "Good Day New York."

The White House did not immediately return a request to comment on the discrepancy.

The president and his allies have repeatedly come up short in their legal challenges in Michigan and elsewhere, and so have hunted for alternative avenues to pursue their claims that the election was stolen from them. With their legal avenues largely blocked, the president has instead pushed political strategies to forestall the certification of election results in Michigan — which is expected to happen Monday — and in other states. Some Trump loyalists have floated the idea that GOP-controlled state legislatures could spurn the popular vote and appoint a slate of Electoral College electors favorable to Trump.

Bob Bauer, an attorney for the Biden campaign, accused Trump and his attorneys of "ripping at the fabric of democracy any way they can" on a call with reporters.

"The fabric is not tearing; it is holding firm," he said. "No state legislature in our country's history has ever done what Donald Trump is apparently agitating for the Michigan state legislature to do."

Experts and election officials said Friday that Trump’s gambit is legally dubious and has little chance of prevailing.

“It is my thought that in the end, the election [in Michigan] will be certified,” Jonathan Kinloch, the Democratic vice chair of the Wayne County, Michigan, Board of Canvassers, said on CNN Friday morning. "We're talking about a lame duck president, and I do not think anyone wants to revisit what occurred in 2016 by being a co-conspirator to any campaign that's trying to disenfranchise or to basically hijack the votes in this election."

Other Michigan Democrats have beseeched their counterparts to not accede to Trump’s demands to disregard Joe Biden's popular vote victory in the state.

“I'm going to hope that our Republican leaders that are at the White House are going to be responsible,” Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.) said on MSNBC. “They know what their job is to do, and that they will come back and do their job honorably.”
Dingell said she empathized with the pressure Trump and his backers have levied on Michigan Republicans but added that she believes the GOP leaders in her state are public servants of integrity.

“But if their actions do not reflect that, I will be one of their fiercest opponents and will not hesitate or spare any word or yet any action," she said.

Dingell and a group of Michigan Democratic state lawmakers are also scheduled to hold a press conference on Friday morning denouncing the White House visit.

Trump’s extraordinary attempts to overturn the electoral outcome have also drawn pushback from some corners of the Republican Party.

“While the president has the right to legitimate legal challenges, responsible citizens cannot let the reckless actions by him and his legal team stand,” tweeted former Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee, who was a periodic thorn in the president’s side before retiring last year. “Republicans have an obligation when the subject is of such importance to challenge demagoguery and patently false statements.”

Former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman, a Republican who endorsed Biden for president, called Trump’s planned meeting “the action of a third world dictator.”

“Michigan citizens have spoken and decisively chose @JoeBiden as President,” she wrote in a tweet. “Trump must stop trying to silence the will of the people.”

Fri Nov 20 13:13:41
Trump is in charge of the NSA so he has access to their porn searches. We've can't lose boys!

Hopefully they announce the refusal to certify soon in order to give Antifa plenty of time to chimp out over the weekend.
the wanderer
Fri Nov 20 13:33:33
revolution warranted if they do

maybe we need a civil war to get rid of everyone Trump's corruption has spread to
Fri Nov 20 13:54:06
Its not gonna happen
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Fri Nov 20 14:47:08
-Rugian already discussed top search on pornhub for Michigan. There is more to politics and life than "Make libtards cry"

-obaminated The point is he's trying.
Sat Nov 21 20:43:57
Do we think the craziness of the Republican party... does it continue to get worse until moderates abandon them altogether? Or will there be a reformation at some point?
Sat Nov 21 22:26:51
The issue is where do these moderates go? Just stop.voting? 3rd party/independants?

I dont see many sane folks going to the party of 58 genders and bending the knee to China.

They got healthcare and minimum wage going for them.
Sat Nov 21 22:42:24
> I dont see many sane folks going to the party of 58 genders and bending the knee to China.

You've got about 80 million folks to choose from, and I'm sure they weren't primarily at the polling station for the "58 genders"...

Of course, you can just No True Scotsman your way out of this if you define "sane folks" as mutually exclusive with "voted Democrat."
the wanderer
Sat Nov 21 22:42:27
assuming the coup fails, i'm sure the disgraceful Rs will try to seize the high ground & pretend it was all about ensuring election integrity (which is not at all what Trump doing) & they will smear the media / Dems for having a problem with it
Sat Nov 21 23:04:33
Chuck, I wasnt talking about Democrats but moderate Republicans.

Tw, You know me, I will fully admit this is at least primarily about fuxking with Biden.We can argue about precedence ( Gore) but, meh we both know where we stand.

That said the media deserves to be smeared. They do not an election decide.

The media is mostly hacks and cronies, mostly democrats but notable Republicans as well with Fox and such.
Wrath of Orion
Sat Nov 21 23:43:00
"They do not an election decide."

The numbers decide the election and they have been reporting the numbers since election night. And the numbers have been very clear for a long time now that Trump lost. Period.

Your political hackery is what deserves to be smeared.
Sun Nov 22 00:14:05
The numbers do decide an election. Trump has clearly lost, like Gore did as well " it was so close though" blah blah blah.

But as of yet Biden hasnt become potus, he will Jan. 20th...

He had no problem with it until he was told it could benefit him politically to bitch and whine that Trump is being mean to him

Ow they will push the narrative that this slow transition is why Biden will be shitty at his job, it might work, probably not.
Wrath of Orion
Sun Nov 22 00:30:07
More likely he did have a problem with it, but did what he said he was going to do - give the Republicans some time to come to terms with the loss. But as the days have turned into weeks it's clear that's not happening, so he's doing what any sane person would.

The fact that none of you pieces of shit has a problem with what Trump is doing is truly mind boggling. Cultists indeed.
the wanderer
Sun Nov 22 02:22:44
please indicate the similarity between this & Gore?

Florida was given to Bush by 537 votes & was the state that swung election

Trump needs at least 3 states to swap, w/ margins over 12,000 in each (he's even going for Michigan w/ a 150,000 margin)... & he's claiming massive fraud / rigged election 50x a day, tweeting out misinfo from garbage outlets & his shitty con-artist legal team (of NO election lawyers) making up total bullshit to spew on TV but when in court they then allege no fraud & lose quickly because they have nothing


"The fact that none of you pieces of shit has a problem with what Trump is doing is truly mind boggling. Cultists indeed. "

exactly... that goes for many pieces of shit in the R party & their propaganda media

totally fucked up, all are traitors
Sun Nov 22 02:40:55
I don't have a problem with it. Now If he illegally sstays in office after Jan 20th. Then yeah, thats fucked up.

Its crazy how these left wing cultists think. Packing the court is ok because it can be done legally even though it flies against the norms and could impact us for decades.

However Trump doesn't transition ahead of time " OMG! we have to wait WEEKS!, the world will.end"
Sun Nov 22 02:43:48
Tw, Bottom line no recount was likely to change the fact that Gore lost. Even if he thought it was likely* that Bush could have won, if it was such a big deal they would have transitioned anyway.

But yes go in and tell me how that caused 9/11....
Sun Nov 22 02:52:37
"I don't have a problem with it."

Yes, because you are a deluded hack with the mental acuity of a potted plant.
Sun Nov 22 03:03:02
Hood calling anyone a hack is rather ironic.
Sun Nov 22 06:44:33
Trump will be in office until Jan. 20. What he does to this country in the remaining days of his term is of some significance to the welfare and safety of this Nation.

His track record gives a clear indication that he will attempt to punish this nation for not voting for him in the election. If nothing else he is one vengeful SOB.
Wrath of Orion
Sun Nov 22 10:44:10
"Packing the court is ok"

Please find an example of me supporting expanding the Supreme Court. I'll wait.
the wanderer
Sun Nov 22 12:18:55
"Bottom line no recount was likely to change the fact that Gore lost"

why? that's well within recount chances


"I don't have a problem with it. Now If he illegally sstays in office after Jan 20th. Then yeah, thats fucked up. "

why do you not have a problem with it?

he claims (--based on nothing--) that there are hundreds of thousands of fraud ballots in GA (after the full audit)

he claims Dominion deleted/changed millions of hist votes (--based on OAN (aka nothing)--)

he wants Detroit's votes tossed in Michigan where the vote totals show NOTHING suspicious (he even went up in % since 2016... that also happened in regularly smeared Philadelphia for that matter)

he now supports tossing EVERY Pennsylvania mail-in ballot

his lawyers openly admit the strategy is to prevent certification so they can give election to Trump other ways than who the people voted for

every poll is showing well over half of R's think election stolen by Biden when they've demonstrated ZERO mass fraud

him not allowing transition is also something you should have a problem with, but the rest is SOO much worse

large member
Sun Nov 22 12:32:14
Its not only cultish, its probably illegal. We will see what conspiracies are uncovered in the post transition criminal investigations.
Sun Nov 22 12:33:49
large member Sun Nov 22 12:32:14
"Its not only cultish, its probably illegal. We will see what conspiracies are uncovered in the post transition criminal investigations."

Oh good, keep Trump in the daily news via politically-motivated show trials. That always seems to work out well for his opponents.
Wrath of Orion
Sun Nov 22 12:39:41
"why? that's well within recount chances"

Because one of arguments the hack cultists use to support Trump's (and Murphy's) actions are that 2000 set precedent. Of course, the head of the GSA at the time has now said the situations are totally different and a transition should begin.

So if the retards are going to use the 2000 situation to "set precedent," they desperately need the situations to be similar. Which is why they will lie and delude themselves into thinking there was no chance of change in 2000.
large member
Sun Nov 22 12:58:41
By show trial you mean he will certainly be convicted if investigations into any number of issues including conspiracy and subversion to to court?

Fair enough. Maybe you can be Trump's pen pal.
Sun Nov 22 13:26:26

You are peddling in straight up fantasies. There's no way an ex-President of the United States ends up serving jail time for anything.

By all means though, I do hope Biden goes for it. Let him turn his entire presidency into The Trump Show: Interregnum Years.

The constant media attention will be of big help to him when he runs again in 2024.
Sun Nov 22 13:44:22
"head of the GSA at the time has now said the situations are totally different and a transition should begin."

And the current GSA disagrees. Guess which one matters more?
Sun Nov 22 13:49:13
TW,Trump will leave office on 1/20. The rest isnt any more damaging than other stunts.

Would you be happiernif henofficially conceded and rambled conspiracy theories fornthe next 4 years to diminish Biden's admin? would that be better somehow?
Sun Nov 22 13:50:40
History has shown that whenever your guy loses peoplemthinknits fraud. Whenever your guy wins its legit.
Wrath of Orion
Sun Nov 22 13:51:40
Like I said, hack cultists lying and deluding themselves, lol.
large member
Sun Nov 22 13:59:17
Well, there is the circus of self-pardon that the supreme court will rule on I suppose, but he is already under investigation for state level crimes.

The Mueller investigation has not gone away, it is just pending until Trump leaves office.

What happened to your position that the public decides on impeachment through their votes?

Impeached by popular decree, don't you agree?
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