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Utopia Talk / Politics / UK deploys its navy
Sat Dec 12 06:58:25
Let the war begin

Sam adams
Sun Dec 13 13:47:22
We always have been, we are, and I hope that we always shall be, detested in France - britons back when they were not homos.
Sun Dec 13 13:53:01
Talks extended. Looks like we're going to have to wait for the war.
large member
Sun Dec 13 14:21:51
What was the name of the UK navy again?

The HMS...?
Sam adams
Sun Dec 13 14:39:43
Lol. Jergul made a funny. You can count one of about 20 jergul posts as funny, the other 19 of course being trash. This is still a much higher funny to trash ratio than seb cuchat and nekran.
Sun Dec 13 15:06:25
Just looked it up, the uk only has two operational aircraft carriers. Argentina should recapture the falklands. No way can the UK project enough force to take them back at this point.
Sam adams
Sun Dec 13 16:55:56
Mon Dec 14 12:26:39
Yeah, it is unlikely that the UK would do anything about it now, with lockdowns and brexit and stuff.
Anarchist Prime
Sun Dec 20 08:41:34
Wed Jan 06 02:52:01
UK says its aircraft carrier strike group is ready to deploy.

(CNN)Britain is officially an aircraft carrier power again.

The Royal Navy announced on Monday that the UK's Carrier Strike Group, centered on Britain's largest ever warship, the HMS Queen Elizabeth, had achieved initial operating capability.

The designation means the 65,000-ton carrier, its air assets including F-35 stealth fighter jets and helicopters, as well as its escorting destroyers, frigates, submarines and supply ships, are ready to deploy within five days of receiving orders to do so.

Qualified pilots and ground crews are on notice.

"This is a hugely significant milestone for HMS Queen Elizabeth, the Royal Navy and the whole country. This achievement is a testament to the determination of our service personnel and industry workforce who have delivered this first-rate military capability, a capability held by only a handful of nations," UK Defense Minister Jeremy Quin said in a statement.

The commander of carrier strike group, Commodore Steve Moorehouse, touted his unit's readiness in a Twitter post.

"In practical terms, my Strike Group is now at Very High Readiness, meaning we are at 5 days' notice to deploy, if required, in response to global events & in defence of British interests," Moorehouse tweeted.

In a followup tweet, he hinted at what is to come. Carrier strike group staff are planning for the Queen Elizabeth's first operational deployment, which Moorhouse said would encompass the Royal Navy's largest peacetime task group in 25 years and be proof of Britain's commitment to maintaining worldwide security -- "a visible demonstration of Global Britain," Moorhouse called it.

Specific dates for the first deployment have yet to be announced.

UK as a global power

Since 2017, UK defense officials have been saying the carrier's first deployment would include Asia and the Pacific on a route from Britain that would likely take it through the South China Sea.

"The UK is a global power with truly global interest ... we must be prepared to compete for our interests and our values far, far from home," then-UK Defense Minister Gavin Williamson said in 2019.

The carrier would take its contingent of state-of-the-art F-35 stealth fighter jets into a region where "China is developing its modern military capability and its commercial power," Williamson said in an address to the Royal United Services Institute think tank in London.

But the presence of any foreign warships in the South China Sea is frowned upon by China. Beijing claims almost all of the 3.3 million square kilometer (1.3 million square mile) South China Sea as its territory.

Even ahead of Monday's Royal Navy readiness announcement, Chinese military officials were warning London against interfering in the region.

"We believe the South China Sea should not become a battleground for big power competition, or a sea full of roaming warships," Senior Col. Tan Kefei, a spokesman for China's Defense Ministry, said at a December 31 news briefing reported by the state-run Xinhua media agency in a posting on the Chinese military's official English website.

Foreign powers sending their warships to the South China Sea, where China has built military bases on man-made islands, were behind the "militarizaiton" of the waterway, Tan said.

"The Chinese military will take necessary measures to protect national sovereignty, security, and its developmental interests, as well as safeguard peace and stability in the region," he said.

Wed Jan 06 03:11:55
Strike is a little ambitious.

Given the current range of options, it's closer to an amphibious support group.
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