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Utopia Talk / Politics / murica! at its most advanced lol
The Children
Sun Jan 03 02:22:36

not surprisin, this was in da age where black folks cant sit in a bus if a white person got in. they need 2 get up and offer seat 2 whitey.

Sun Jan 03 02:34:01
1962 so about the time China was "discovering" plumbing.
The Children
Sun Jan 03 02:45:12
but this not about chaaayna.
this here is about u pretendin 2 be pillar of shinin beacon.

and yet there u are.
Sun Jan 03 03:45:01
U lie TC, everytin u rite iz about China.
The Children
Sun Jan 03 03:48:35
a lie.

where in what i wrote in here is about chaayna. point it out.

Sun Jan 03 04:06:02
Oh no, America didn't have female astronauts in 1962, what a travesty.

Meanwhile, this is what China was doing in 1962:

"The Great Leap Forward (Second Five Year Plan) of the People's Republic of China (PRC) was an economic and social campaign led by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from 1958 to 1962. Chairman Mao Zedong launched the campaign to reconstruct the country from an agrarian economy into a communist society through the formation of people's communes. Mao decreed increased efforts to multiply grain yields and bring industry to the countryside. Local officials were fearful of Anti-Rightist Campaigns and competed to fulfill or over-fulfill quotas based on Mao's exaggerated claims, collecting "surpluses" that in fact did not exist and leaving farmers to starve. Higher officials did not dare to report the economic disaster caused by these policies, and national officials, blaming bad weather for the decline in food output, took little or no action. The Great Leap resulted in tens of millions of deaths,[1] with estimates ranging between 33 million and 55 million deaths,[2] making the Great Chinese Famine the largest in human history."

Owned, boy.
The Children
Sun Jan 03 04:15:15
yea u know what we was also doing in 3000 years ago?

we waz plantin and growin crops. u was still walkin around on all 4 legs in caves around that time.

haha OWNED!!!!
Mon Jan 04 15:38:44
"yea u know what we was also doing in 3000 years ago?"

Same things you are doing today.
Mon Jan 04 15:47:33
3,000 years ago Egypt was already on its 21st dynasty.

Meanwhile, China was just discovering how to write on things other than oracle bones.

But keep insisting China was some founder of civilization or something.

Mon Jan 04 16:40:59
You know what China was doing when the natives in North and Central America was cultivating crops about 8,000 years ago? They were wandering around gathering what was grown naturally.

Those natives that were 5,000 years more advanced than China...

...we killed them and took all their stuff.
The Children
Tue Jan 05 00:26:37
lol did kargen just went full retard as well.
Openly admittin genocide and killin natives and being proud of it, u gone skunknuts crazy yankeeboi?

5000 years more advanced? 21st dynasties over Chaaaynnaaa? is that rite inbredus?

dont u mean 49th dynasties over ur country and 8000 years more advanced than urs? lmao
Tue Jan 05 01:22:43
Nowhere did I say I was proud just pointing out a civilization that was far more advanced than China couldn't withstand European advances.

Read a fucking history book. Have someone explain what you just read. China was still gathering long after many civilizations were cultivating.

Mostly that is because of climate and environment. There was a more ample supply of natural growth grains in China than other parts of the world so they didn't have the need to advance in that area.

The Children
Tue Jan 05 01:45:15
if they waz far more advanced than China, they would literally be gods compared 2 ur tiny ass 200 year old civ.

speakin of which, u owe them reparations and the land u stole from them needs 2 be returned. idiot.
large member
Tue Jan 05 01:45:24

Prior to 8000 BP for agriculture in China.
Tue Jan 05 22:56:33
There really isn't any people left to give reparations to. The Sioux keep saying their sacred ancestral lands were stolen by the white men but it wasn't their land much more than fifty years before the Europeans showed up. The people that were there before the Sioux showed up no longer exist. One particularly harsh winter most the tribe died and in early spring the Sioux took advantage of the weakened tribe and stole all their land. Didn't move the previous occupants to a reservation. Nope. They operated with the idea that an enemies offspring would grow up to be enemies so all no matter age were killed.

Nobody representing those original (and they most likely weren't the first either) people exist any longer. The Sioux do not even want them mentioned in history books fearing that will farther negate their claims to the land.
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