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Utopia Talk / Politics / guardians peelin potatoes
The Children
Tue Jan 05 04:28:38
hello darkness ur old friend has come 2 talk 2 u again.


son, ur now da proudest branch of da us army.

Yes sir, thank u sir. When will I go 2 space sirrrrr.

Not so fast there son. Can u fly a spaceshuttle.


Well there u go son. the kitchen in iraq has 2 feed 7000 personnel every day and they could really use 3 chefs peelin potatoes all day.

But sir i signed up 2 be a guardian.

U r a guardian son. But do u see any spaceshuttles?

No..well there u go, son.

Tue Jan 05 10:15:32
They are there to manage satelite communications and such.

With Musk flooding LEO with satellites theyre probably busy. He has several military contracts already.
Tue Jan 05 11:01:36
Before they can go to space they need to learn to make their beds and to peel potatoes.

If you want to change the world, these are the basic skills that you need to learn first.
Tue Jan 05 11:07:08
they're not Star Trek, Nor a fighting force really. Their jobs will be managing and protecting Satelites and other assets in space.
The Children
Tue Jan 05 11:44:10
hahaha what does musk satelites gotta do with ur army.

lol why do "guardians" be managin simple civilian satelites...
The Children
Tue Jan 05 11:55:04
managin them 2 do what exactly. are they death stars?
or r they more spy cam satelites?
Tue Jan 05 12:37:52

Musk has several contracts with the US government, using the sattelites as bavk up GPS and diffficult to name communications devices etc.

He also has contracts to ship 80 ton payloads anywhere in the world quickly...probably a few others.
The Children
Tue Jan 05 12:45:20
gps satelites needs managin?

just admit that ur guardians are nottin but glorified potato peelers.
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