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Utopia Talk / Politics / this is why u dunt roid up
The Children
Tue Jan 05 14:22:09

His head has grown noticably disproportional now.

his roids and growth hormone are fuckin him up.

The Children
Tue Jan 05 14:26:28
i just google pics ...u can see it clearly in multiple pics in different angles.

his head is bigger than before and disproprtional 2 rest of body now...

did he kept usin roids durin corona? damn
The Children
Tue Jan 05 14:41:18
kids, this is just the early phase of joe hgh head rogan.

rogan fucked himself up with roids.
looks like kumail may be next.
Tue Jan 05 16:11:08
Half of your posts now are just hating on peo0lenyour jealous of because your a scrawny chinkbin the UK who cant get laid.
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