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Utopia Talk / Politics / Did mike just flipflop?
The Children
Wed Jan 06 14:03:16
hahaha habebe and rugiot, ur thoughts on this?

Wed Jan 06 14:04:48
Lin Wood was right all along. Pence is a traitor and should be arrested, together with Brian Kemp and CJ John Roberts.
Average Ameriacn
Wed Jan 06 14:10:29
Pence worked hard for 4 years and ruined it all in a single day. I don't understand it.
Wed Jan 06 15:04:38
I like Mike, Trump still takes the cake as the most entertaining politician in US history....
The Children
Wed Jan 06 16:22:13
and the vision...that was standin in my brain

still remains, within da sound

of sileeeeennnncccceeeee!!!!

Wed Jan 06 16:32:09
Pence has apparently unfollowed Trump on Twitter.

I guess Pence does not want to go to jail.
The Children
Wed Jan 06 16:42:59
da boat is sinkin fast...

coincidentally i watch a hk roach popstar in a studio where he was being interviewed and he completely dumped on joshua fetchindog wong.

other posters pointed out da singer had a photo with him embracin joshua and had it up his facebook front page all up until july last year when da new security law was reality...

others pointed out that he lost a huge numba of fans, so now he dumps on joshua on tv. sayin he didnt know him, joshua was just someone he met backstage and some other fans took that picture. sayin he was just exercizin his free speechies when he was yellow before. but that he since has changed after seein all da violence done by yellow etc etc

yellow = riots
blue = pro police

such is da flip flop in life. its real.
The Children
Wed Jan 06 16:59:25
da host was easy on him 2. host is known blue before. but it seems like they tryin 2 give him a second chance before fans, sayin he had pictures with joshua too so its not really that bad that he has it.

and that people can change views in life after reviewin all da facts and shit.

and the two females next 2 them just nodded and shit.

looks like they tryin 2 save his career and sales...

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