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Utopia Talk / Politics / da year of da ratas!
The Children
Thu Jan 07 15:20:32
2020, very unusual year. chinese zodiac says 2020 is year of da ratas!

What does this mean. Chinese astronomy and zodiac gives warning in year of ratas. Usually year of da rats is associated with bad signs, unlucky events, omens, it says u gotta be careful and shits.

what we witnessin in 2020 fits da bill. Superior astronomy has been confirmed.

What we seein today, are ratas jumpin and abandonnin ship. Da ship is sinkin and da flipfloppin has begun.

remember how after ww2, same thing happened in germany. nobody was "in on it", "didnt know what was happening", "were just followin orders", "they were all duped", "they were innocent"

butbutbut TC, didnt 2020 end already? fuck yea it did, but bad news kids. Year of da rats hasnt ended, it still has 1 month left.

so yea, OWNED
Thu Jan 07 15:32:01
Yea, Pence turned into rat. Turned his back on Trump. Many other Republicans are leaving the ship, like rats.

Trump himself turned into a rat, by not following through with the coup he instigated. People died, and he is like... ”lol I’m not doing this. I surrender.”
The Children
Thu Jan 07 15:51:51
da ships sinkin fast and many want 2 disassociate fast.

i read barr is also disassociatin, chao also resigned etc etc.

Thu Jan 07 16:01:48
Was kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy. China thinks the year of the rat is unlucky and they release the virus upon the world so that will come to be.
the wanderer
Thu Jan 07 16:04:37
that would not be self-fulfilling
The Children
Thu Jan 07 16:19:25

get owned, kargen. owned.

Thu Jan 07 18:21:43
Chinks are rats, agreed.We need Cyanide.
Thu Jan 07 18:48:21
Not sure how Former US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis' opinion owns me in any way, but okay.

"A self-fulfilling prophecy is the sociopsychological phenomenon of someone "predicting" or expecting something, and this "prediction" or expectation coming true simply because the person believes it will and the person's resulting behaviors align to fulfill the belief."

So not 100% accurate but close enough you knew what I was talking about. There was a prediction through astrology and China caused that prediction to come to be.
The Children
Fri Jan 08 01:30:34
Ur own dirtyness, hygiene and lack of empathy and reason is what caused da prediction 2 come. get that through ur yankee heads.

its ur own fault. noone elses.
werewolf dictator
Fri Jan 08 02:50:54
did china unleash sars-cov-2 out of a high containment lab [like they did with original sars a couple times].. or because they are primitives who eat bats and pangolins and believe in astrology
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