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Utopia Talk / Politics / A presidents launch power
Fri Jan 08 18:18:40
First off, this is just crazy that crazy nancy is accusing Trump of possibly launching nukes....

That said, its borderline treason to try and usurp his authority granted to him by the electorate.

Trump currently is the highest ranking military officer in the country, soon it will be Biden.

Its one thing if a bill was brought to limit a presidents power in military regards, im sure other nations would be happy with that since a.potus has incredible authority/powers abroad.
the wanderer
Fri Jan 08 18:34:21
Trump is mentally unsound (as has been obvious for 5 years) and also known to be vengeful and to have a casual view of using them

'why have them if not going to use them?'
'can we use on hurricanes?'
The Children
Sat Jan 09 01:47:53
da ship is sinkin, kid.

all ur social medias has blocked him.

large member
Sat Jan 09 01:53:51
Way to not understand the Uniformed Military Code that places the military under civilian control.

Trump is the highest ranking civilian. The military is obliged to follow legal orders that it gets from civilians through the chain of command.
Sat Jan 09 02:52:10
Yes he is banned from Twitter now. His account is gone lol.

I also read that Google and Apple has removed the Parler app from their stores.
Sat Jan 09 12:58:45
Its sad that liberals applaud ending free open discussion of ideas.
Tue Jan 12 02:57:48
It's not free an open discussion. It's social media bubbles of conspiracy culture and slurs leading to the collapse of the Union if nothing is done.

Think perhaps the collapse of the US government is probably viewed as bad business by Twitter? Yeah, probably so.

And even in the much more likely event it survives another decade, all the legal and intelligence pressure a company would face by hosting insurrectionists content is certainly at play as well.

The second those Trump cultists breached the capital building doors, this became a national security issue and not a free speech issue.
large member
Tue Jan 12 04:19:21
The collapse of US government is a black swan even on the scale of a limited nuclear exchange.

If you wanted the business angle on why companies are reacting hard core.

It has happened before. It took Russia 20 years to regain the gdp it had on the eve of the collapse of the Soviet Union.
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