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Utopia Talk / Politics / Trump is searching for
Sun Jan 10 16:13:36
an alternative method of communicating.

Maybe he will be reduced to using the USPS that he did his utmost to destroy.
Sun Jan 10 16:15:26
Considering he has close ties with some of the wealthiest and most powerful people on earth, Im sure in due time he can figure something out.
Sun Jan 10 16:20:40
I somehow don't think he's exactly high on the powerful and wealthiest peoples A list at the moment. Besides his target audience are more than likely not in that social/economic stratosphere.
Sun Jan 10 16:28:05
His core support is lower income. However he still has plentu od support from powerful and wealthy people around the world. Biden has deep pocket resources as well, true. But you dont need everyone to start a platform.

Tge desire is there, until it was shutdown on Apple/Google Parker for example was the number one downloaded app for a reason.

Signal is supported by the wealthiest man in the world.Twitter stock has been going down since they banned Trump.

Only time will tell, but I think he will be ok.
Sun Jan 10 16:32:20
I hope he ends up in prison. For being and accessory to the murder of Brian Sicknick for one.
He's as guilty as Charles Manson was.

Average Ameriacn
Sun Jan 10 16:33:28
He should get his own page on AOL. Something like aol.com/PresidentOfTheUSADonaldTrump2017-2025.html
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