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Utopia Talk / Politics / (((who))) will hold power under biden..
werewolf dictator
Tue Jan 12 00:05:47
quotes are from robert reich.. on which cabinet positions and advisors are important..

"A cabinet member’s role in policymaking varies depending on a president, but generally, the big four are the Secretary of the Treasury, who plays a major role in economic policy; the Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense, on foreign policy; and the Attorney General, in the administration of justice."

*treasury.. (((janet yellen)))
*state.. (((anthony blinken)))
*defense.. lloyd austin
*attorney general.. (((merrick garland)))

"Health and Human Services is important because of the coronavirus as well as the Affordable Care Act and any move toward Medicare for All. Homeland Security is important because of all the abuses that can occur under it. "

*hhs.. xavier becerra
*homeland security.. (((alejandro mayorkas)))

"The president’s most important and powerful advisor is the Chief of Staff, whose office is just down the hall from the president."

*chief of staff.. (((ron klain)))

5 of 7.. for 71.4%..

vs 2.5% of usa population..

smart dude
Tue Jan 12 00:23:49

Go to 4chan, you child.
werewolf dictator
Tue Jan 12 00:30:11
so while there's all this concern about having the right mix of diversity under biden this is not remarkable right

[other than israel.. the last time i notice executive dominated by so many jewish advisors was oligarchs during yeltsin's katastroika]
werewolf dictator
Tue Jan 12 03:00:06
odds of picking >=5 out of 7.. at 2.5% chance each.. equals around 1 in 5,000,000 chance [1.9662475585938E-7]
werewolf dictator
Tue Jan 12 03:00:39
odds of all biden children ending up married to jews by chance if they are equally likely to fall in love with any ethnic group.. 1 in 64,000
Tue Jan 12 03:02:43
Nobody will hold power under President-elect Biden because he is just a place card in the whole operation. He will not have any of the power.
werewolf dictator
Tue Jan 12 03:03:41
odds of >=12 of top 20 biggest political donors being jewish if each has 2m5% chance.. under 1 in 500 billion [6.2297526783481E-15]


Rank Contributor
jewish 1 Adelson Sheldon G. & Miriam O. AdelsonLas Vegas Sands/Adelson Drug ClinicLas Vegas NV
jewish 2 Bloomberg Michael R. BloombergCity of New York NYNew York NY
half jewish 3 Steyer Thomas & Taylor SteyerFahr LLC/Tom SteyerSan Francisco CA
-- 4 Uihlein Richard & Elizabeth UihleinUline IncLake Forest IL
-- 5 Mellon Timothy MellonRetiredSaratoga WY
-- 6 Griffin Kenneth C. GriffinCitadel LLCChicago IL
jewish 7 Schwarzman Stephen A. & Christine SchwarzmanBlackstone GroupNew York NY
jewish 8 Sussman S. Donald SussmanPaloma PartnersFt Lauderdale FL
-- 9 Yass Jeffrey S. & Janine YassSusquehanna International GroupHaverford PA
-- 10 Jurvetson Karla JurvetsonKarla Jurvetson MDAtlanta GA
jewish 11 Simons James H. & Marilyn H. SimonsRenaissance Technologies/Simons FdtnNew York NY
jewish 12 Perlmutter Laura PerlmutterRetiredLake Worth FL
jewish 13 Moskovitz Dustin & Cari MoskovitzAsana IncSan Francisco CA
-- 14 Eychaner Fred EychanerNewsweb CorpChicago IL
jewish 15 Marcus Bernard & Billi Wilma MarcusMarcus FoundationAtlanta GA
jewish 16 Simon Deborah J. SimonSimon Youth FoundationCarmel IN
-- 17 Ricketts John J. & Marlene M. RickettsTD AmeritradeOmaha NE
jewish 18 Bekenstein Joshua & Anita BekensteinBain CapitalWayland MA
jewish 19 Mandel Stephen Frank Jr. & Susan Z. MandelLone Pine CapitalGreenwich CT
jewish 20 Laufer Henry B. & Marsha Z. LauferRenaissance TechnologiesLantana FL
werewolf dictator
Tue Jan 12 03:06:07
odds of >=7 out of 24 hours of msnbc daily programming hosted by jews if each hour has 2.5% chance.. just over 1 in 1,000,000 [=0.00000145201]

[andrea mitchell.. chuck todd.. katy tur.. ari melber.. 3 hours of rachel maddow]

if counting co-host as half.. odds of >= 7.5 out of 24 hours of cnn broadcasts being hosted by jews seems about as unlikely

[3 hours of john berman as co-host.. kate bolduan.. john king.. 3 hours of wolf blitzer.. jake tapper]
werewolf dictator
Tue Jan 12 03:59:08
don't think it matters much who is in congress since they are almost all bought by big donors.. but can try that for fun


ossoff i think brings to 10 out of 100 in senate.. at 2.5% likelihood per.. >=10 likelihood is 0.00021269979950836

was 28 of approx 435 for house [6.4%].. >=28 at 2.5% chance per.. should be
Tue Jan 12 04:01:56
Israel backs Jews from both the Republican and the Democratic party to secure influence and control.
werewolf dictator
Tue Jan 12 04:12:36
i know it is sleepy-time boring to figure out who is ruling you [or a superpower] and what their values might be.. and is more appropriate to 4chan.. but i'll give my thoughts anyway..

when people are talking about white privilege and whites having too much power and the need for more diverse viewpoints.. they are either largely talking about jews having these things or [more likely] simply don't know what they are talking about..

are jewish values insofar as they are utilitarian [possibly slanted towards own nation wherein they live].. do they measure all otherwise equally.. or do they frequently ask "what is good for the jews".. i think this clip of nancy pelosi pandering beside schumer at aipac about aid is indicative of an answer..


does this apply to other middle east foreign policy.. i think yes

does it also apply to russia.. where there is obvious nostalgia for yeltsin's years under certain oligarchs and bitterness they are gone.. again i think yes
werewolf dictator
Tue Jan 12 04:23:04
*pelosi and schumer actually at israeli american council and not aipac
werewolf dictator
Tue Jan 12 04:49:43
"odds of >=12 of top 20 biggest political donors being jewish if each has 2.5% * chance.. under 1 in 500 billion **[6.2297526783481E-15]"

*was typo

**another mistake.. that should be under 1 in 150 *trillion*
werewolf dictator
Tue Jan 12 09:35:39
if jews are twice as likely per capita to make top 20 biggest political donor.. then odds they make >=12 places in list is still only 2.1081685071583E-11

at 3x as likely per capita.. 2.2498117416194E-9

at 4x as likely per capita.. 5.814917984782E-8

at 6x as likely per capita.. 4.9831372857669E-6

at 10x as likely per capita.. 0.093539157933265%

for it to be as likely as not.. jews have to be >22x.. and that's not counting thom steyer as jewish
werewolf dictator
Tue Jan 12 09:37:27
"Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky, in a 29 October 1996 interview in the Financial Times, named seven Russian bankers and businessmen that he claimed controlled most of the economy and media in Russia[1][2][3][4] and had helped bankroll Boris Yeltsin’s re-election campaign in 1996.[5][6][3][4][7]"

"The identities of seven bankers are usually taken from the original Financial Times interview with Boris Berezovsky.[2][11][1] Those include:

Boris Berezovsky – United Bank, Sibneft, ORT, Jewish (Source: Google)

Mikhail Khodorkovsky – Bank Menatep, Yukos, Jewish (Source: Google)

Mikhail Fridman – Alfa Group, Jewish (Source: Google)

Petr Aven – Alfa Group, Jewish (Source: Google)

Vladimir Gusinsky – Most Group, NTV, Jewish (Source: Google)

Vladimir Potanin – UNEXIM Bank

Alexander Smolensky – Bank Stolichny"


jewish population of russia at time was about 0.5%..

odds of at least 5 out of 7 key oligarchs being jewish at 0.5% each is 6.5079296875E-11.. or under 1 in 15 billion
werewolf dictator
Tue Jan 12 12:05:44
0 of 7 biden key cabinet and advisor positions go to white nonhispanic gentiles at 59% of population..

likelihood by chance.. 0.00194754273881

"white privilege"

werewolf dictator
Tue Jan 12 12:20:06
after rbg death supreme court is remarkably nonjewish compared to above.. just breyer and kagan now

likelihood of >=2 of 9 members being jewish at 2.5% chance each is a relatively likely 0.018845810853745
werewolf dictator
Tue Jan 12 12:32:14
"Intersectionality is an analytical framework for understanding how aspects of a person's social and political identities combine to create different modes of discrimination and privilege. Examples of these aspects are gender, caste, sex, race, class, sexuality, religion, disability, physical appearance, and height."

the left is onto something here imo
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