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Utopia Talk / Politics / Trump's words
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Thu Jan 14 23:56:44
6 mins of video only Trump's words.


How do you not impeach him and charge him with Treason?
the wanderer
Fri Jan 15 00:27:39
he's guilty of treason, no question
smart dude
Fri Jan 15 01:02:53
Because something something Antifa and something something BLM. Blah blah blah muh pronouns.
Fri Jan 15 01:57:15
Lets see what the Senate says.This could be a reprat with another acquittal.
Fri Jan 15 04:48:12
habebe, the Senate didn't even hold a trial on the first impeachment. You can't acquit with out a conviction.
Sat Jan 16 03:14:35
The video is heavily edited.
werewolf dictator
Sat Jan 16 03:37:00
to be treason. trump would have to war against the usa.. or trump would have to adhere to those at war with the usa

the video shows riots

riots != war

∴ not treason

maybe there should be a new topic arguing trump is guilty of inciting a riot.. it would be a more interesting argument

werewolf dictator
Sat Jan 16 03:54:53
in liberal orwell land.. bombing libya was not a war nor even "hostilities".. and therefore no war powers act guidelines needed from obama

so presumably in liberal orwell land.. trump could bomb the capitol with jet planes and there'd still be no civil war

[in the real world.. the video are still only riots]
Tue Jan 26 16:23:53
Listening to neo-libtards you'd think the riot was still happening.
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