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Utopia Talk / Politics / is just me or is farcry 4
The Children
Mon Jan 18 07:07:15
stupidly dull as hell...

just started farcry 4 after farcry 3. farcry 3 settings and graphics r below farcry 4...but damn like wtf is farcry 4 is some boring as shit so far.

i mean like 40 min and damn, like wtf are they even talkin about. golden dust...its just crazy how lowly developed da story is.

im thinkin of just skippin this bullshit and go watch another game...
Mon Jan 18 07:21:17
Graphics are great, but not a good game do they make.
The Children
Mon Jan 18 08:13:46
is this ur justification that u cant afford a real gaming platform, even any of the pretenders consoles like shittybox and kidtendo?

The Children
Mon Jan 18 08:15:45
like how do u not get bored playin shitty 16 bit pirated ROMS.

like do u enjoy super mario world SNES rom?
like do u know what mario looks like in todays gamin?


The Children
Mon Jan 18 08:20:31

dunt worry, u can just be like me and watch da only two games that may be worth it, both of them kidtendo games on youtube.

i can say this. da experience is da same as playin it. i sure as fuckin hell not gonna buy a kidtendo crappy potato console for just those 2 games.

zelda and mario

playstation masterrace, kid.

The Children
Mon Jan 18 08:29:34
and if not, i got a bunch of SNES titles 4

Primal rage
Teenage mutant ninja turtles, theres actually 2 great games here. 1 is a fightin game. i 4got da name. the other is a beat m up, like double dragon...

the king of dragons, classic arcade game.

Star wars is pretty good on da SNES 4 a side scrollin game. but ofc its nottin near close 2 something like star wars: jedi fallen order...but hey when ur a broke ass hillbilly, beggars cant be chosers.

clayfighter 1 & 2 were rockin games back in da days.

secret of evermore, a decent secret of mana clone. ofc i still pick secret of mana over it any time of da day.

super metroid. da classic. da best. metroid. ever.
legend of zelda a link 2 da past. da best. zelda. ever.

super mario world.
donkey kong country.
yoshis island
bomberman series

mortal kombat 2 is worth checkin out. mk3 and mk3 ultimate havent aged properly lol. thats understatin it. but mk2 is fun as hell.

killer instinct. not as good as arcade machines but fuck yea, u cant find da arcades anymo anyway...

ofc da classic rpgs like final fantasy 6, chrono trigger, seiken densetsu 3 (aka secret of mana 2).

Mon Jan 18 09:44:18
Well, for starters my life doesnt revolve around gaming.So no, I don't get bored with them.

Legacy of Kain probably has the best story line.

As for gameplay, if I'm going to play a newer game it would almost certainly be on PC, like civilization.

Snes was an OK system. It had some.good rpgs.

Link to the past was.good. I used to have that adapter to play GB games in color through the SNES...what a monstrosity.

Links Awakening>Link to the past.

FF on Her was great. FF7 on PlayStation was its peak...they got lame.after that.

Dragon quest (warrior) has consistently stayed a great franchise.

Mon Jan 18 17:55:09
Maybe you are just watching a bad streamer. maybe try watching a few other streams before you completely give up on Farcry 4.
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