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Utopia Talk / Politics / They Do NOT Control the Media
Renzo Marquez
Wed Jan 27 21:11:33

Foundation linked to Biden pick for cybersecurity gave $500,000 to pro-Israel lobby AIPAC

Anne Neuberger was named senior director for cyber policy on the National Security Council. She spent the last decade at the National Security Agency.

Jan. 27, 2021, 12:25 PM EST / Updated Jan. 27, 2021, 9:53 PM EST
EDITOR’S NOTE (Jan. 27, 2021, 10 p.m. ET): Earlier today, NBC News published an article reporting that a family foundation linked to President Joe Biden’s senior director for cyber policy on the White House National Security Council donated more than $500,000 in recent years to AIPAC, the largest pro-Israel lobbying group in Washington.

After a number of readers raised issues with this article, NBC News conducted a review and has determined that it fell short of our reporting standards. In order to warrant publication, it needed on-the-record quotes from critics, rather than anonymous ones. The article should have also included more views from those who believe that donations to AIPAC do not represent a conflict. And it did not give Neuberger adequate time to respond to our reporting. In the interest of transparency with our readers, NBC News has moved the original article to our archives, and it can be viewed here.
Thu Jan 28 10:35:08
(((Neuberger))) was named senior director for cyber policy on the National Security Council. She spent the last decade at the National Security Agency.

”While Israel is a close American ally, it operates in its own interest and aggressively spies on the U.S., including using cyber capabilities, current and former officials say.”

Thu Jan 28 10:37:21
installing a top cyber official in the White House who has strong ties to an organization that represents the interests of the Israeli government could cause some people to question the impartiality of the policy process, they said.

"If you donate half a million dollars to a lobbying group, that indicates a pretty strong preference," said one senior Congressional aide who oversees national security issues.

"One question this presents is whether she would recuse herself from decisions that could impact Israel," said a foreign policy expert with close ties to the Biden team.

The donations "would raise a lot of eyebrows within the government and beyond, one former senior intelligence official said, "especially since the two dimensions involved — Israel and cyber — have their own history."
Thu Jan 28 10:38:55
Nope, nothing here. LET’S BURY THIS IN THE ARCHIVES.
Renzo Marquez
Sat Jan 30 10:48:27
Meanwhile, blackface aficionado Jimmy Kimmel blamed RUSSIANS for buying GameStonk. Lulz. Putler obviously wants to discredit our financial system which was perfect in every way before his financial interference.

Sat Jan 30 12:44:53
^Kimmel is such a godawful piece of shit.

But I'm actually more angry at you, because now YouTube is going to be flooding my recommendations with Kimmel clips for the next month and a half. Goddamnit.
Sat Jan 30 13:08:14
That’s why I always logout from youtube first before I look at cat videos, or before I click on any youtube-link found here. Or, I open the link in another web browser where I’m not logged in to youtube.

But you can also delete a particular video from your youtube history. I think that helps from getting spammed with Kimmel videos.
Wrath of Orion
Sat Jan 30 16:44:28
Apparently Rugian follows links before reading any text associated with them. That's good information to have. Don't worry about why.
Renzo Marquez
Wed Feb 10 14:07:38
More of them not controlling the media:


How the Media Cracks Down on Critics of Israel

I was fired as a newspaper columnist after I joked about U.S. military aid to Israel on social media.

"Sarcastically I wrote two linked tweets. (1) “Did you know that the US Congress is not actually allowed to authorize any new spending unless a portion of it is directed toward buying weapons for Israel? It’s the law.” (2) “Well, if not actually the law, at least so customary as to be functionally identical.”* Of course, tweet 1 was sarcasm (which is common on Twitter), but to absolutely make sure that nobody thought this was some kind of actual law, I appended a second tweet to make it crystal clear that I was joking, this was 100 percent a joke, let there be no room for misinterpretation about this joke."

Firable offense at The Guardian.
Wed Feb 10 14:15:31
^Israel has an idiotic amount of influence over the media, but that's a weaksauce excuse. The one tweet in isolation comes off as 100% serious, and given the way social media works many people wouldn't likely see the "HEY JUST KIDDING GUYS" followup.

The real lesson here is dont use Twitter, since even one poorly thought out Tweet can fuck your life up.
Wed Feb 10 15:32:30
Nevertheless, Israel is a cancer upon this Earth.
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