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Utopia Talk / Politics / mtard's claims
Tue Feb 09 14:28:56
Because this is amusing for me, I want to share the exploits of mexicantornado/obaminated's claims;

1. Trump didnt do that with his family.

This is in reference to the matter that Trump did not promote any of his family's products, while president. The retard had a hard time grasping this actually occurred. This is expected when you waste deep in trump's ass.

2. " hoping that by ignoring it you would focus on the actual topic of the thread,"

A retarded defense because he was wrong and refused to defend it. Very familiar to another poster who acted this way, oh yeah, the deceased Hot Rod.

3. "Experts say it isn’t difficult to buy necessary materials to construct device"

This gem is in reference to the topic that only an expert can create a bomb. Because he cannot fathom an average person could concoct such of a device. Further demonstrating how unbelievably retarded, mtard is.

Don't worry, the retard will jump in this thread to claim. "he needs attention." But ignore his own retarded posts because he is retarded.

What a fucking retard.
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