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Utopia Talk / Politics / muricans doing stoopid stuff
The Children
Thu Feb 11 01:22:34
so they can donations from others. aka paycheck!

rememba da strangers that jump in front of ur car hopin 2 cash in from insurance companies?

well murica now has its own version. in this version people do da stoopid shit and then go open a "fund me" page hopin 4 da sympathies...its been going on 4 a while now but one of da latest is


she just collected 20k and still countin.
she glued her hair with some glue, apparently that shit was meant for metals and stones but she put it in her hair like as if she didnt know what da fuck was gonna happen.

she just wanted da donations.

The Children
Thu Feb 11 01:35:09

The Children
Thu Feb 11 01:35:14
generation zero!
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