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Utopia Talk / Politics / rofl nkoreans react 2 kpop
The Children
Thu Feb 11 01:39:31

this how da world really thinks about pop culture or other forms like kpop!!

now think these girls are actually dressed properly here. they are dressed even more provocative in other videos!!!

in reality, lets call it for what it is. pop is literally tv prostitution.
Thu Feb 11 04:32:31
Dancing and having fun is forbidden in North Korea. That's why the audience is looking like that. Maybe some in the audience wanted to smile and laugh, but they are afraid of being killed when they get home to NK again.
Thu Feb 11 07:38:09
NK is not the world.

That said I love blank people try x channels.Tribal people try shit is a good one.

NK's try Thanksgiving was ok...kind of an odd thanksgiving IIRC.
Thu Feb 11 08:27:21
NK is not the world, as habebe suggests.

Nevertheless, if there was ever a scourge on humankind that makes Juche look attractive by comparison, its k-pop.
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