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Utopia Talk / Politics / Vincent Gallo on Jen Psaki
Renzo Marquez
Thu Feb 11 19:47:26

‘In a perfect world Jen Psaki would be making a living doing interracial porn. But this is not a perfect world. Instead she is Joe Biden’s favorite off smelling ginger who he allows to sit in with a compulsory backing band of angry heavyset women of color. Together they are an invasive breed, released upon the American wild without any consideration for the indigenous ecosystem.

Doom is in the air, or is it simply Jen Psaki’s abhorrent smell, a smell that is particular to certain types of smug and self important redheads—think of rotten cheese mixed with the scent of a dead animal. To top it off she is as unpleasant as they come, even when compared to the rest of the President’s band of obese cheerleaders.

Interestingly enough, although redheaded women comprise less than 1% of the world population, they make up 80% of those women who appear in interracial pornography. Make of that what you will, but do not be fooled by the many interracial porn stars who dye their hair.

A rose by any other name…’



Thu Feb 11 20:07:35
Raleigh was definitley a better press secretary....this one gives answers to serious questuins like " yes we did hire a woman"
Thu Feb 11 20:31:58
"In a perfect world Jen Psaki would be making a living doing interracial porn."

Well, my dick just got hard.
Thu Feb 11 21:12:53
yeah.... i instantly saw her in a different light. she would be good in porn.
Thu Feb 11 21:29:17
Apparently she has a " girl crush" on some black chick so, she is on her way according to her Twitter.
Cherub Cow
Fri Feb 12 06:15:16
[Habebe]: "this one gives answers to serious questuins like " yes we did hire a woman""

She seems to do that Matrix architect thing a lot: attempting to convolute the answer so that the asker does not realize that the question was not answered. Except that the architect was called on it and then explained, whereas Psaki continues to speak in masking convolutions. It's very fitting that the face of this White House should practice the same methods as Kafka's "Trial" authorities — evading the truth at all costs.
Fri Feb 12 06:31:37
Cherub, All I could think of watching that press meeting was Tracey Morgan as Star Jones " Yes, I am a lawyer"

Sat Feb 13 03:43:10
Size DOES matter

Sat Feb 13 04:59:15
Yes, I am a lawyer.
Sat Feb 13 05:09:45
I also hold the copyright for the color blue and I was the one who started the fued between cats and dogs.

Your welcome.
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