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Utopia Talk / Politics / How os this a false equivalence?
Sat Feb 13 02:46:13

Im sure on here someone will explain to me how this isn't similar at all to " fight like hell"
large member
Sat Feb 13 03:28:49
1. Is congress in session to transfer power do new administration?

2. Is "fight like hell" the columination of 6 months discrediting any election result that did not preserve the former administration?

3. Were the words said by the most powerful man on the planet to a cultlike assembly of followers?

4. Did the cultlike assembly of follows rally to the white house on the beckon and call of the former administration?

5. Did the former administration time the call to when Congress was in the midst of transfering power?

6. Was the location within easy walking distance to where the transfer was taking place?

I am always happy to explain stuff to you.
Sat Feb 13 04:58:41
1. These were statements leadimg up to.

2.Again these were all made leading up to, so close enough.

3. Yes Biden now.

4.They rallied to the white house, yes. They also mobbed punloc officials in public like rand Paul after Maxine waters said to do so publicly.

5.Leading up to.

6.For Americans? No, walking os hars for the obese.
Sat Feb 13 05:21:58
You seem to be mistaking equivealancy with the exact same thing.
large member
Sat Feb 13 08:08:22
Lay off the stupid, bro. Your typing is not legible.
Sat Feb 13 09:16:33
Leadimg =leading.


Walking is hard for the obese.
Sat Feb 13 10:26:33
"Rioting in Congress is only insurrection during specific votes" - jergululz
Sat Feb 13 15:06:39
1: There are three equal branches of the federal government. People in congress and their speech should be held to the same standard as the president or a Supreme Court judge. A federal courthouse should be given the same considerations as the capitol building in Washington.

2: People on the left were claiming an invalid election in 2016 and planned an impeachment before President Trump took office. They kept up the claims for more than four years.

3: No they were said by a multitude of politicians, celebrities, "news" personalities and fortune 500 CEO's. A machine with much more power than one man no matter who the man might be.

4: What the fuck are you trying to say?

5: You've been left behind on this one. The left has been saying for more than a month now it wasn't that one speech but a myriad of speeches (and failures to speak) over many months. Do try to keep up.

6:Again what the fuck are you trying to get at? You do know those people came from all across the country.

As an aside the majority of people that were identified inside the capitol building did not vote for Trump. If they couldn't be bothered to vote for him what makes you think they were there on his behalf or because of a speech he made?
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