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Utopia Talk / Politics / Iran nuclear deal
Mon Feb 15 14:36:13
Apparently, the Iranian nuclear deal needs a new deal, that sets out a new time plan, for when the USA and Iran go back to the deal.

*Benny hill music*
Mon Feb 15 15:51:38
Yeah, Israel is telling the US that there must to be a new deal.

But no one genuinely believes that Israel wants a nuclear deal with Iran. Israel’s interest is to have no deal.

They want tensions between the US and Iran to progress. They want the US to continue to isolate Iran politically and economically. Because it benefits Apartheid Israel (and Saudi Barbaria a.k.a ISIS) by ensuring that the current balance of power is maintained. Israel, for an example, wants to continue to be able to fire missiles at its neighbors with impunity whenever they feel like it. And the Barbarians wants to continue to massacre and behead apostates (shia) with impunity.

But if the US can agree on a nuclear deal with Iran, and then move on and start negotiating on issues like Syria etc and can come to an agreement there as well, then it provides an opportunity for the US to slowly but surely begin to reduce its presence in the Persian Gulf and in the Middle East and start focusing on what the Americans themselves (and not the Jews) think is their biggest challenge right now, namely China.
Mon Feb 15 16:03:06
Oh... I’ll leave this here

large member
Tue Feb 16 02:29:18
Well, obviously there needs to be a new deal. Iran would have been completely screwed if Trump had cited Iran for non-compliance instead of withdrawing.

Iran cannot let the US rejoin until the ability to unilaterally pull the plug on the entire deal is removed.
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