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Utopia Talk / Politics / Jesus its gonna happen again
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Mon Feb 15 22:44:36
Self project much


Anyone stupid enough to want Lara Trump for NC Senate is gonna launch anther insurrection.
Mon Feb 15 23:05:14
The Trumps will be the next great American political dynasty.

America loves a dynasty.

Does anyone reasonabley think Ivanka doesnt have a career in politics n her future?

I have no idea who Laura Trump is.
the wanderer
Tue Feb 16 00:58:06
the only Trump family wife who hasn't been cheated on... that we know of
Tue Feb 16 01:05:38
You may have managed to steal the last election, but you are delusional if you think you can keep the man down for long.

Trumpism is here to stay. And the traitors who stabbed him in the back will all eventually pay for what they did.


"Three-quarters of Republicans said they want former President Trump to play a prominent role in the Republican Party despite his second impeachment trial, according to a poll released on Monday - two days after his acquittal.

A Quinnipiac University poll determined that 75 percent of Republican respondents expressed interest in Trump continuing to play a prominent role in the GOP, while 21 percent said they wouldn't want that."

Tue Feb 16 01:38:17
I don't think anybody need a poll to point out that an overwhelming majority of republicans are outright retards.
Tue Feb 16 01:57:22
Hood, That's OUR word, you don't get to say it.


^Republican meeting interupted by an sjw.
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