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Utopia Talk / Politics / I just learned something on TV
Wed Feb 17 07:54:02
I was totally stunned to hear that there was a study done on traffic accidents.
Now hold on to your seats.
They said that 47% of all weather related accidents happen in the winter.
Thank Jesus I can go to my grave with that information.
Wed Feb 17 09:43:31
Clearly we should support more global warming then, wr may be able to cut weather related accidents in half.
Wed Feb 17 14:46:07
Climate change makes weather more volatile. People die in hurricanes and swelterng heat and other poor weather conditions too.

So your troll argument is just really stupid to anyone with a brain.
Wed Feb 17 15:10:07
So it's not stupid to you?

It was a troll argument.Parodying several leftist arguments. for example having climate scientists propose economic policy, how dumb is that?
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