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Utopia Talk / Politics / A free press holds govt accountable
Wed Feb 17 16:11:26
I want to give a sincere thank you to the journalism class for its hard-hitting coverage of the Biden presidency thus far. Their work plays a huge role in protecting American democracy.


‘It just symbolizes everything’: Bidens bring presidential PDA back to the White House

Historians and relationship experts agree: The first couple’s romantic gestures aren’t just genuine — they’re restorative.

Wed Feb 17 16:14:03
Joe Biden, Playing as Luigi, Wins in Mario Kart Race Against Granddaughter at Camp David

Wed Feb 17 16:17:31
Scrunchies and dog walking: the country gets a taste of Jill Biden's radical normalcy


^Published by the Washington "Democracy Dies in Darkness" Post.

Thank you, WaPo, for keeping the lights on for our democracy.
Wed Feb 17 16:18:17
Not necessary related but i like how the media calls jill biden "dr", implying she is an actual doctor and not just some education major.
Wed Feb 17 16:22:14
Feb 15
President Biden has expressed a preference for a fire built in the Oval Office fireplace, and sometimes adds a log himself to keep it going.

Unlike his recent predecessors, he's more of an early-to-bed type. Here's how Biden is settling into his new job.

Wed Feb 17 16:22:49
Im still waiting on all this good will from foreign nations. .so far he just seems to be pissing people off.
the wanderer
Wed Feb 17 16:39:13
"Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell
who is linked to a Chinese spy claims God is a woman"


TLDR: he said "god herself"

well worth a tweet & article about it (the spy stuff just repeating old claims)
the wanderer
Fri Feb 19 23:40:41
Newsmax guy asks two presidential historians if Biden's dog looks too dirty in the only photo they show of the dog

Sat Feb 20 00:07:58
Being a cuckservative means cherry-picking the "facts" that fit your conclusions.

Sat Feb 20 00:24:14
Which is to say there aren't any bad articles about Biden because he really hasn't done much. Trump didn't have many bad articles about him either early on until he opened his dumb, racist mouth.
Sat Feb 20 12:02:11
^Lol. MUH RUSSIA had already started.

Sat Feb 20 12:34:01
Flashback time!


Impeach Trump? Most Democrats already say ‘yes.’

Feb. 24, 2017 at 10:25 a.m. EST

Donald Trump has been president for about a month. And already, a sizable majority of Democrats say he should be impeached.

A new poll from the Public Religion Research Institute shows 58 percent of Democrats are onboard with the idea of impeaching Trump.

That's not an unthinkable number in our polarized political climate, but it is extraordinarily early in a presidency for such a high level of support for impeachment. As PRRI notes, as late as 2014 — in the sixth year of Barack Obama's presidency — a similar proportion of Republicans supported impeachment: 56 percent. And even as the case for the Iraq War was being picked apart in 2006, Democratic support for impeaching George W. Bush was only at 48 percent — lower than it is today for Trump.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says she hasn't called for President Trump's impeachment yet, but added "when and if he breaks the law, this is when something like that will come up." Pelosi made the comments at a news conference on Monday, Feb. 6 at the Capitol after California Rep. Maxine Waters said, "eventually we've got to do something about him." (Reuters)

Overall support for Trump's impeachment (27 percent) is still slightly lower than it was for Obama in 2014 (30 percent) and Bush in 2006 (30 percent). But the support for impeachment among Democrats appears to be what is keeping the overall number for Trump in the same ballpark.

It's a testament to just how insatiable Democrats' appetite is for opposing Trump— something we've seen in other polling as well. A Pew poll this week showed 72 percent of Democrats were more worried their leaders would do too little to oppose Trump vs. 20 percent who were worried they would do too much.

And according to this new poll, the vast majority of that 72 percent doesn't think impeaching Trump — even at this early juncture — is going too far. That's not exactly a recipe for bipartisanship going forward.


Sat Feb 20 12:40:01
The same media that aroused such hated of Trump that Democrats wanted him dead only a month into his presidency are now treating Biden with kiddie gloves. On top of that, they now blame Republicans for being partisan because they don't immediately roll over for the president.

Rofl. Its fun being one of the only people on this board with a memory that doesn't reset every time a new Potus is inaugurated. Dukhat, on the other hand, literally wouldn't be able to recall anything that happened in 2017 and 2018 except that the orange man was bad, because reasons.

Go back to watching movies where the cartoon purple man tries to collect a bunch of jewels, you faggot. Politics is beyond your capability.
the wanderer
Sat Feb 20 12:58:21
Trump aroused the hatred of himself his entire candidacy

he was clearly unfit for office before ever being elected (at least to people not falling for the completely obvious conman, or brainwashed by Fox News types)
Sat Feb 20 13:23:46
Literally everything you just said was false. Wall-to-wall negative media coverage made people hate Trump, and he did nothing even remotely impeachment his first month in office.
Sat Feb 20 13:57:14
The Mueller report clearly showed that Trump and his cronies tried to get dirt on Hillary no matter the source.

Just because the corrupt GOP didn't convict him doesn't change the facts.

But then again Foreskin gave up any pretense of being honest a long time ago. He's just another worthless reactionary cuckservative.

I truly feel sorry for his children.
Sat Feb 20 14:28:48
Hey. Least he has children with his dna and not some off the street black that pumped his wife enough to give "his" kids half black half chink features that he has to avoid acknowledging lest he admit to himself how much of a loser his wife thinks of him.
Sat Feb 20 15:01:33
Cuckhat did more for Russia than any worthless reactionary cuckservative when he donated to Shill Stein. lol
Renzo Marquez
Sat Feb 20 15:22:19
Member Sat Feb 20 13:57:14
"The Mueller report clearly showed that Trump and his cronies tried to get dirt on Hillary no matter the source."

It's not illegal to "try to get dirt" on political opponents. There's no evidence of any criminal wrongdoing. Or moral wrongdoing for that matter.
Sat Feb 20 15:31:48
"It's not illegal to "try to get dirt" on political opponents."

Correction: it is illegal when you use the FBI and NSA to spy on the political opposition.
the wanderer
Sat Feb 20 16:09:40
"Wall-to-wall negative media coverage made people hate Trump"

nope... continuous unfit/crazy/childish lies & behavior in rallies, debates & of course twitter

then 'grab 'em by the pussy' gate

even many of his voters found him unfit, just felt Hillary worse
Sat Feb 20 16:37:38
Grab them by the pussy came out prior to his electoral landslide.

He also had the 2nd most votes in the history of american politics.

Imagine if the media and democrat run states were actively working against him in every way. Imagine if the media actually stated that trump had managed to get a vaccine produced in record time. Imagine if the media exposed coumo for hiding the deaths in nursing heads instead of running daily press conferences where he got to gloat about his bullshit plan and hit trump for not helping enough.

Imagine if the democrats had to follow state electoral laws instead of liberal judges ignoring said laws giving democrats yet more advantages. Imagine if the democrats werent allowed to have month early mail in ballots and instead had to rely on election day ballots and only election day ballots, because ya know, its called fucking election day for a reason.

But hey, its a bad flu and democrats and their media allies were exceptionally good at making sure they took full advantage of the situation while trump was stuck with tepublicans like mitt romney who is the definition of political establishment.
Wed Feb 24 21:20:37
We could make something like this a recurring thread.Blatant double standards and bias in media/tech.

As such

Youtube has been deleting Bidens thumbs downs on his videos.

Political touches on the subject, but doesnt seem to rate it as to put their spin on it.


If you read carefully they admit YT could have just deleted it for any reason they want, as they do not disclose their methods.But politics goes out of its way to push the narrative that this was "spam thumbs"


Axios deletes tweet fact-checking Harris claim Biden admin 'starting from scratch' with vaccine rollout
Dr. Anthony Fauci previously said administration 'certainly are not starting from scratch'

So again, when they say Trump lied so much, but wonder why 70 million people are skeptical, its shit like this.

When "fact checkers" are clearly bias, largely being set up by a "shadow campaign" to elect Biden, that dorsnt lend itself to trust.

When he gets negative marks online, big tech changes the results.

When Harrisnis caught lying, it gets covered up.

But sure keep telling me how much more trustworthy democrats are....
Thu Feb 25 00:14:27
Everyone knows cuckservatives commonly swarm various social media sites to harass people. Thumbs Down is the most innocuous thing they can do though. The aggressive sexual harassment and death threats is the most common thing.

As for the "starting from scratch" bullshit ... who cares? It's a phrase that can be interpreted multiple ways in the first place.

Starting from scratch on vaccine development? Obviously not true but then again was that what Harris meant?

Starting from scratch for rollout? Well the states already started rolling out independently of Trump but there was clearly no federal oversight or plan. The Biden administration worked on a Federal plan.

When Fauci was asked, what was the specific question?

All these distinctions are lost by right-wing rage media. And you've cried wolf once too many times. I remember some dumbshit ruckus you guys caused over that black girl being fact checked and then the fact checked corrected themselves and you still lost your shit.

I'd love to see Fox News or Breitbart or all the other shithole far-right sites retract the millions of false things they say.
Thu Feb 25 10:05:47
"As for the "starting from scratch" bullshit ... who cares? It's a phrase that can be interpreted multiple ways in the first place."

The point is that statements that are just as silly or worse were used as evidence that Trump lied more than any potus.

" rage media. And you've cried wolf once too many times. I "

The irony.....
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