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Utopia Talk / Politics / fake news caught in the act
Fri Feb 19 17:39:32

So remember that cop that Was "killed by a fire extinguisher during the riots" ...didnt happen.

As a matter of fact he made it back to the police station after the riots, texted his brother abput the ordeal and died later of a stroke....

Sat Feb 20 01:24:31
It hasn’t been a secret that he didn’t die on the spot but later. I’m not a doctor but if a stroke was the cause of death, it could very well have been set off when his brain was hit by a large heavy object.
Sat Feb 20 02:01:52
His death is fake news like all the Covid deaths. Most of those people were old so they died of old age.

Stupid fake news.
Sat Feb 20 02:18:55
His head wasn't hit by a large heavy object. When he talked to his brother he said he was hit with pepper spray but was fine.
Sat Feb 20 04:22:20
Paramount, Autopsy shows no signs of blunt force trauma, and as Kargen pointed out he apparently did get 2 seperate wafts of pepper spray during the riots the rest of this was a fictional tale spun by the media.

In defense of the NYT's they did retract the story, however they made a big deal about the story and then bury the retraction.
Sat Feb 20 04:35:19
His name was Brian Sicknick, feel free to prive me wrong here, this is last week's news. I only looked into it because of a clip from the Kim Iverson show to which I googled it.

I also found several articles on the cops "struggling to build a murder case" ....and about Biden and Chuck schumer paying respects to the slain officer....who had a stroke unrelated to the Riot.
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