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Utopia Talk / Politics / Chinese vs Western celebrities
Sun Feb 21 13:38:06
In the US the most popular celebrity is that Kardishian woman. I really don’t know much about her but I understand she got popular in the US after she released a sex tape where she sucked on someone’s dick?

Now this is a woman with some very good skills that I’d like to marry:

werewolf dictator
Sun Feb 21 13:57:18
if she wasn't an internet star then she'd probably earn like $3/day working like that
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Sun Feb 21 14:25:59
The most popular celebrity is Tom Hanks.
Sun Feb 21 14:28:42
Tom Hanks is a pedophile piece of shit.
Sun Feb 21 14:30:48
So I've read up some on Li Ziqi and it does seem there was a healthy dose of luck, but also business acumen credited to her success. I'll try to sum up what I know:

She was raised by her grandparents in rural China after the death of her father (her stepmother was abusive, mother's whereabouts unknown), which is how she learned to farm and cook. Not long after, her grandfather also passed. By age 14, they were struggling hard and she went to work in the city as a waitress or DJ or whatever she could do to support herself and her grandmother. She also took advantage of workshops in the city to learn about business management and video editing, which she would apply later.

She made many attempts to get her friends to start a business with her, but couldn't get it off the ground or enough support. She was still in her early 20s when her grandmother became ill, and she had to move out of the city and back home to help farm.

She didn't have a lot of skills, but she could cook, and she could make beautiful videos, so she did. She started with opening an online shop to sell produce, which made very little. The videos were made to promote her shop on a Chinese social platform, but almost no one noticed and it got very few likes.

But out of the blue, sheer luck really, the Chinese social platform featured her video on its front page. Her videos went viral.

Using what training she had from pursuing her dreams in the city, she designed her own business model and created her own management business and made the video blogging into a success, though she insists she doesn't make millions like people claim and if she did, she wouldn't be staying up all night editing videos.

Also her harshest critics claim the videos are fake which is hurtful, but they don't provide any evidence to substantiate those claims, so the rumors are mostly contained in China.
Sun Feb 21 14:35:49
I've always been sickened by the idolization of people because of their wealth. Wealth hoarding should be something we find appalling, not as life goals.
Average Ameriacn
Sun Feb 21 18:56:20
Mods delete this Chinese propaganda and ban paramount for 7 days.
The Children
Mon Feb 22 11:34:56
Miss Li is frikkin awesome. I watched a lot of her vids. Awesome cookin skills, awesome work ethic, superior cuisine, superior culture.

kimmy is trash. them whiteys buy up her bathwater and shit.

in da west, they sell products and attach a youtube moron name on it and that crap flies off dat shelf hot poop being sold 2 flies.
The Children
Mon Feb 22 11:39:31
"Also her harshest critics claim the videos are fake which is hurtful, but they don't provide any evidence to substantiate those claims, so the rumors are mostly contained in China. "

>> these r them western bannons and boltons types.

noone in asia claims her stuff is fake. i only read it from whitey redneck trash. jealous youtube fuckfaces.

they claimed da ccccpppp build her a studio and build her a forest on da mountain side so she culd do that stuff... its fookin ridiculous.

rofl da trees and bushes still need 2 be planted and harvested and she still makes all her produce in da videos.
State Department
Mon Feb 22 18:43:42
Wait, there are Chinese youtube celebs who do stuff besides eating animals alive on camera? That sounds like fake news.
Mon Feb 22 20:01:57
Paramount, You cherry picked to celebrities.Ashton Kutcher is pretty famous and saves people from sexual slavery, Im sure I could fins some chinese celeb thats less flattering to compare.

As for Kim Kardashian, I'm not sure she is the most famous person. She hasnt even had a tv show for years afaik.

Her family is famous because of her father bein a famous lawyer and she and her sisters are attractive and slutty dressers.She also has an insanely abnormally large ads...like its not normal.

Armenians tend to do very well in the US.Very often some of the most successful immigrants.
Mon Feb 22 22:37:16
My brothers granddaughter last year was a bit obsessed with Jojo Siwa posts on Youtube. Turns out a lot of other people were as well because she is worth 14 million now.

I'm thinking Kim isn't top three celebrity status even within her own family any longer. One of the younger ones was in the news a couple of days ago but I didn't pay attention as to why.

The two people I watch most on Youtube is a guy that shows how to tie different flies for fishing videos and Modern Renaissance Man when he reacts to music he hasn't heard before.
Mon Feb 22 22:46:58
Kargen, The youngest one is stupid rich, even more than the others because of a makeup deal.

As for YT

Joe Rogan-Of course.

Im also addicted to Tribal people try, where as you guessed it Tribal people try stuff, usually food.

John Riggs is good, he does a lot of retro gaming stuff for NES/Snes.
Tue Feb 23 00:44:34
I tried Joe Rogan but gave up for the same reason I never liked talk radio. I want to argue back instead of only listen.
So most the time I listen to music.
the wanderer
Tue Feb 23 02:31:07
“Also her harshest critics claim the videos are fake which is hurtful“

I was leaning toward that by the time it got to her making her own silk on top of everything else... plus it’s China (all are born into the thief class of skills)
The Children
Sat Feb 27 05:42:39
haha internet fuckfaces sayin she is propspaganda coz she on youtube. lol whitey IQ is barely above 10 and this proves it yet again.

butbutbut shittube is banned in chayna? lol thats like sayin no chinese company can do bizznizz outside chayna.

get the fuck outta here.
she has 100 mill followers on chinese channels alone. only reason she is on youtube is 4 west audience.
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