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Utopia Talk / Politics / I gotta admit Tom Brady is awesome
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Wed Mar 17 02:02:19

Trying something new here...Hit me up at (415)612-1737. Rule #1...no texting on Gamedays
Special Member
Wed Mar 17 12:07:17
I won a buttload of money on the SBowl. Brady didn't even break a sweat.
Wed Mar 17 16:19:04
Guy is the leader of one of the greatest football dynasties in history, goes to 9 SBs, wins 6, absolutely dominates. At some point he gets the cold shoulder at home, says fuck you, bolts to a new team and promptly proves the haters wrong by winning another SB with them. Is 43 and still in great shape, still looks like a supermodel, and is still banging a supermodel.

He is the dictionary definition of an absolute winner. I can't even be mad that he bolted NE for Tampa.
Thu Mar 18 11:37:28
Knew they would fix it for Brady after watching the first game of the playoffs and Washington surprising everyone. Wtf was that pass interference call on Tyrann Mathieu on an uncatchable ball. So many fucking egregious miscalls in Brady’s favor throughout the playoffs.
Thu Mar 18 23:08:18
^ the jealousy of a cuckholded failure.
Fri Mar 19 03:21:35
Huh, him and I share a phone number area code AND (per wikipedia) we have the same birthday. What are the odds.
Fri Mar 19 08:02:51
Assuming the Gregorian calendar and a uniform likelihood of each of 326 geographic US area codes and IID:

1/365.2425 * 1/326 = 1/119,069.055 = 0.00000839848775 = 0.0008398487% likelihood

So 1 in 120k chance you and Tom Brady would have the same birthday and the same area code.
Fri Mar 19 08:11:06
I'd be shocked if this really is his mobile number as opposed to a VOIP phone number issued by Twilio or similar that he sometimes replies to using a purpose-built app after underlings or computers have filtered out the snuff, CP, and shit talk. Clever bit of marketing for his Goop for men brand though, the idea of texting "Tom Brady's personal phone" feels novel.

Can use the Twilio Lookup API to check this if you care enough to set up an account and spend ½ a cent: http://www...p/api#phone-number-type-values
Fri Mar 19 08:23:29
SMS marketing ideas (more targeted at e-commerce and presented upfront as interacting with a brand):

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