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The Children
Thu Mar 18 02:02:48
and thats what said racist bastard this ugly fucker should be charged with.

when u deliberately go out 2 punch, kick, push, shove or do any bodily harm 2 an elderly person, such an elderly person have a higher chance of gettin high injuries includin death. we have seen this before where many elderly just trip, fall on head and end up dying.


these cowards deliberately seek out elderly folks 2 bully thinkin that they can get away with it, but these r just murders and attempted murders and so he shuld be charged as such.
Thu Mar 18 08:21:07
USA is not safe for Asians. China should issue a travel warning. Telling people to avoid USA and in particular maybe New York.

New York City had largest spike in anti-Asian hate crimes among major cities in 2020

Thu Mar 18 08:21:54
USA doesn't even care:

Asian-Americans Are Being Attacked. Why Are Hate Crime Charges So Rare?

On a cold evening last month, a Chinese man was walking home near Manhattan’s Chinatown neighborhood when a stranger suddenly ran up behind him and plunged a knife into his back.

For many Asian-Americans, the stabbing was horrifying, but not surprising. It was widely seen as just the latest example of racially targeted violence against Asians during the pandemic.

Thu Mar 18 08:22:17
There have been at least 10 suspected hate crimes against Asians this year in New York City, police say

Thu Mar 18 08:48:19
10 suspected crimes in NYC! Oh my god! Its an epidemic.

You should look at NYC in the 70s-80s.People wouldnt go out at night, and that was love crimes.
Thu Mar 18 08:49:31
Remember Bernie Goetz? The poor jewish man was ruthlessly assaulted 3 times by black people.
Thu Mar 18 08:56:39

We should save the Jews from a resurgent Nazi Germany.Much more of a pressing issue.
Thu Mar 18 09:31:14
” 10 suspected crimes in NYC! Oh my god! Its an epidemic. ”

It is almost one per week since the beginning of this year. We are only in March.

” Remember Bernie Goetz? The poor jewish man was ruthlessly assaulted 3 times by black people”

Can’t say that I do. But that is more proof that people are not safe in New York.
Thu Mar 18 09:41:30
1 per week out of 1.3 million Asians in NYC.

Doesn't sound like a lot seriously. Honestly I would have guessed much more.
Thu Mar 18 12:21:58
"In another incident on Sunday, a 25-year-old woman told the NYPD she was waiting to cross the street near East 22nd Street and First Avenue when a female suspect approached her and said, "you aren't from around here ... go back to China" which the victim told police made her "fearful for her safety" and caused "annoyance and alarm."
Then, the same suspect told a 31-year-old man to "Go back to communist China" which caused him to feel "annoyed harassed and alarmed," police told CNN. The NYPD Hate Crime Task Force is investigating this incidents."

Probably good to get out in front of this before it gets worse. I posted the quote to point out this could be just one or two people that committed all ten of the reported crimes.

I'm guessing some like the ones I posted go unreported. Either way it is an upward trend that should be noted. Not sure it is as serious a problem as some are making it seem though.
Thu Mar 18 12:51:11
Well, lets ask the people who are being attacked and stabbed if they think it is a serious problem or not.
Thu Mar 18 12:55:26
"Why Are Hate Crime Charges So Rare?"

Because hate crime charges are rarely leveled against black offenders
Thu Mar 18 18:14:42
Okay let's ask. Seventeen people in the UK have died from stab wounds in the UK this year. We will have to ask family members but we should ask if they feel hate crime against Asians is a serious problem.

I'm going to go ahead and offer up my opinion unpopular as it might be but I think any stabbing is a serious problem. I'm not going to try and assign a cause to the stabbing though. You stab a person and it isn't self defense then you should go to jail. Don't give a shit about reason why. You stab someone off ya go.
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