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Utopia Talk / Politics / Biden preparing war with NK
Thu Mar 18 13:44:27
Lol. Defense secretary tells us forces be ready to fight tonight.

Remember when tw and other leftist retards freaked out about trump starting ww3 with NK? Only for trump to find a measure of peace between NK and the rest of the world?

Crickets now that a democrat is sabre rattling.
the wanderer
Fri Mar 19 01:00:31
so if Biden comes out & says he has fallen in love with Kim Jong Un, will Fox News have a problem w/ it?
the wanderer
Fri Mar 19 01:08:15
i see why you posted this given Fox News & NY Post both have articles just saying the "fight tonight" part in quotes

here's the full paragraph for context (of which none of it is about threatening to fight tonight):

And today, we discussed the way forward on a host of critical strategic and operational issues. And at the top of my agenda was ensuring a shared understanding of the importance of maintaining military readiness. Our force remains ready to fight tonight and we continue to make progress toward the eventual transition of wartime operational control to an ROK-commanded future combined forces command.

but i guess R's now would prefer we aren't prepared or something?
Fri Mar 19 01:18:46
Cuckservatives have to make the dems look bad in order to justify supporting Trump or enabling their 93-year old grandmother's death.
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